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Primed for growth

By Cassandra Tyndall

By now, you’ve probably heard a bit about Jupiter moving into Pisces this week, giving us an introduction to its longer-term influence in 2022.
Until July 28, Jupiter, known as the Great Benefic (providing abundance and good fortune), will be in its watery home sign of Pisces. The next few months may feel akin to discovering a fecund and nourishing oasis amid a barren desert.
The nature of this larger-than-life planet is to affirm and expand. Considering Jupiter has not been in Pisces since 2010, there will be a particular area of your life primed for growth — not seen in over a decade.
For some, this may have a real feeling of your ship coming in, while for others, it’s the internal and introspective space is where the biggest insight lies. Jupiter is said to expand what it touches, so the next few months may also make a problem bigger. Whatever eventuates until the end of July will highlight next year’s larger story.
A Taurus New Moon as the week begins may help you gain solid footing prior to the inundation of emotion, opportunities, growth and compassion that Jupiter in Pisces promises. Individual sign horoscopes this week will focus on life topics, as per the house of your birth chart ruled by Pisces.

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