Poetry Is Power: Listen to the otters



They are cute little playful animals,

They always take time off to play,

To do something for themselves,

But at the same time,

They take time to play with other otters,

Maybe the animals have been trying to teach,

Us humans,

How to live,

How to have fun,

How to be kind,

To not only others,

But to ourselves too,

We need to take the Otter’s advice,

We need to be kind,

To everyone,

We need to take time to ourselves,

But also use some of that time,

To help others,

Try to listen to all the animals,

It’s the otters message,

They want everyone,

To have,

A good fun happy life,

So listen to the animals,

And take the otter’s advice,

Trust me it’s a good idea,

The otters told me themselves.

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