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Passing the Winter Solstice

By Cassandra Tyndall

Last’s week’s Winter Solstice welcomes the return of light. Slowly, as the days eventually creep up on the nights over the next couple of months, we’re reminded that after every winter, springtime eventually comes.

It’s not only the return of light that is cause for celebration, but so is the return of Jupiter in Pisces. Apart from a brief dip into the oceanic waters in May-July, Jupiter, the planet of growth and optimism, has been wandering through the proverbial desert for the past two years.

Jupiter in Pisces may feel like a homecoming. Connecting to loved ones you’ve been separated from is possible. Feeling a renewed stirring within your soul for a life infused with meaning, purpose or spiritual pursuits may overwhelm you at first.

As you slowly put some of your recent experiences behind you, be prepared for a flood of emotion, a sense of discombobulation or wandering at first. Time to rest, withdraw, imagine and wonder might be needed before the growth begins.

This week, press the pause button. As the old year becomes new, give yourself the gift of space to let those inklings rise up to the surface and guide you through until Jupiter exits Pisces on May 11.

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