Body Transformation Challenge

Participant Reflections — Week 4

Barb Wood

I. Am. Human. I have to keep telling myself this. Humans crave flavorful food. It is my addiction. So how do I manage the day-to-day? I strive to make better decisions about food and exercise. When life presents you with a buffet of options, how do you make the right choice? Someone once told me we have three options: the good choice, the better choice and the best choice. I ask myself  this question regularly.

The steps towards weight loss are simple: Purge the candy off the desk and there are no carb-loaded, sugary snacks around. Shop by only buying healthy foods. Exercise, anything is better than nothing.

I used to occasionally go to the gym but was sensitive about my size. The intimidation factor was through the roof. I didn’t realize it at the time but that wasn’t the only kind of “working out.”  I had options. After hitting my heaviest weight in January and emotionally being at an all-time low, I decided to join Fusion Fitness at the suggestion of a few friends. “You’ll love Amy!” They weren’t wrong. Now I want to work out. No goal is achieved without moving forward and no goal is ever achieved alone. I never thought I would be in this place. Not only do I have my workout friends, I have the people doing this challenge. Beth and Kyle are giving us workouts that we can honestly do anywhere. We are a team of six different individuals on our own journey.

Justin “Koko” Restrepo

I’m feeling stronger everyday. And I’m starting to be more aware of foods that should not be eaten. I’m pretty happy about that new lifestyle change.

Meg Dennison

I’m stepping on the scale every morning, even though Kyle and Beth want us to wait until the end of the challenge, and I’m losing weight oh-so-slowly. But a pair of jeans I bought, but then decided were too tight for comfort, are now fitting well — I’ve definitely lost inches! And though it continues to be hard to stick to the diet, especially when it comes to forgoing a glass of wine with dinner, when I think of the many preventable diseases that run in my family — heart disease, high blood pressures, diabetes — I feel more motivated to continue making these diet and exercise changes permanent.

(Coaches note: the reason we advise people to constantly weigh themselves is because some people see an increase in the scale and beat themselves up for it. The scale can fluctuate a pretty decent amount depending on a number of factors. I always tell people to go by their clothes and how they feel. If you feel better and your clothes are fitting better, or if they’re too baggy now, then keep up the good work!)

Chandler Burgess

It’s amazing how quickly my body is reacting and changing for the positive with this challenge!

Suzanne Ellis – Leonard

Ch…ch…ch…ch…changes! It’s all good! I’m carrying fewer pounds, my clothes are fitting loosely, my energy is up and I’ve become quite the “health nut!” I’m back to the “fit self” I was when I came back to Vermont four years ago! I am quite aware now how major life changes: relocating/moving, career change, marriage and my mom’s passing triggered my emotional eating and inactivity! It took some time to reconnect with old friends, learn to stay connected with my family in the Boston area and to build my local support system. Now I find myself circled by many wonderful people!

This past weekend, I attended a spiritual retreat in an effort to become more centered and to balance my life! It was a wonderful experience with lots of time for contemplation and complete with vegan meals! I’m now at the point of reorganizing our kitchen for ease in planning and creating healthy nutritious meals. I’m happy to report that my physical activity has been increased three-fold and I’m feeling stronger and confident in doing anything I want to do! I’ve witnessed a big change in endurance and strength with my tennis game, morning walks and biking! The goals that I set for this challenge to strive for by the end of the summer, I have now adjusted for even more success!

Jim Haff

It was a tough week with so much going on in town. This past week, my daughter Maeve graduating from sixth grade moving onto Woodstock Middle School. Then my daughter Meaghan graduating from high school moving on to college this fall. She will be attending Smith College in Northampton, Mass. Also Killington Elementary School had retirement party for third grade teacher Mrs. Carey and fourth grade teacher Mrs. Garland. All these things had one thing in common: parties and temptations of eating with all types of cakes. Plenty of food and myself on week three of this challenge and I got out without any sweets or soda! I did have a few beers. Just two days at the gym.  Overall I did ok, dropping two pounds standing now at 280 pounds. I will be back on track this week to see that scale read in the 270-ish range, which would be the first in at least six years.

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