Body Transformation Challenge

Participant reflections, week 2

Barb Wood

I’ve really started to hit a groove.  I am trying to work out four or five nights a week. When I can’t make it to the gym, I try to pick up the pace wherever I might be. I wear a Fitbit that tracks my steps. Today, I hit 11,000 steps just working around my home!

The meal prep is getting much easier and I found that planning ahead and tracking is key. When I plan my food ahead ,I tend to not recklessly snack. However, I am human and the cravings are still there. So I find myself chewing gum and drinking water until the cravings pass.

One of the things I have noticed since I have cut refined sugar and processed foods out of my diet is that I don’t feel that mid-afternoon crash. We tend to grab something sugary to get us over that hump. Until three weeks ago, I was suffering daily with these crashes and was concerned about what that meant. The phrase “pre-diabetic” crept into my mind.  That was a very scary thought. So I’ve cut the sugar and junk food intake dramatically and I don’t have the crashes.

I loved Chandler’s take on the “fun” he had putting on the pounds over the years. I can relate to that. Whether it was dinner with friends, cake for someone’s birthday or popcorn and candy at the movies, each pound was fun. I was living life and living it well.

So now what? I need to learn from my past actions in order to improve. I need to remember that what’s done is done and that guilt is counter-productive. I look forward to getting out on my new paddle board and enjoying my kayak and bicycle. I’ve got the toys, now it’s time to go play!

Suzanne Ellis – Leonard

Week two, ready, set, GO! I’m loaded with lots of new education about fitness and nutrition. I’ve been enjoying the journey and learning so many new things about proteins, carbs and fat. I’ve struggled a bit with the new concept of carb cycling, and keeping the low carb days in check. But, it’s a journey and I’m figuring it out with the help of the apps “Lose It” and “Vemma Bode.” I have been given the resource of training with two fabulous personal trainers, Beth and Kyle. I’m thrilled to have received memberships to Pico Sports Center, Killington Boot Camp and Bikram Yoga. My day now begins at 5:30 a.m. with a high carb protein shake filled with kale, banana and blueberries. My food logs are impressive and I’m loving the energy I’m feeling throughout the day. I’ve been striving to get two to three hours of exercise into my day using early mornings, lunch breaks and evening workouts earning a 2,000-3,500 calorie burn by walking, bikram yoga, boot camps, TRX workouts, strength training, doubles tennis, and biking! No wonder my clothes are feeling baggy! I’m already seeing glimpses of the athletic girl who loves life and being active! My husband, Jeff thinks its great that I’m so determined to “do this” and is very supportive of my disciplined healthy eating and vigorous workouts.

Chandler Burgess

Last weeks discovery was that my eating habits are poor. The education of eating healthy and making smart food choices is  helping me eliminate troublesome food from my diet.

Justin “Koko” Restrepo

The first week it was tough getting breakfast down first thing when I woke up. But being more aware of having my first meal of the day started my whole body feeling more energized and not feeling like I needed a nap mid-day. Also, stretching helped reduce some of the soreness from lack of working out. All in all, I feel stronger and more committed to losing more weight.

Jim Haff

I had a rough time this week. I felt tired and sore for two days, but felt better after that. I’m down to 282 pounds, so I’ve continued to lose weight. I’ve stuck with the diet plan for the past two weeks except for this Sunday night when I went to a 50th birthday party. Luckily the menu had steak on it, which is allowed, but I did have two beers — my first since the BTC started. Good ol’ Switchback, it tasted good! I haven’t made it to bootcamp or the aerobics yet, but I’ve been going to the gym and Beth’s training on Tuesday nights with the group; 18 minutes of circuit training with her is harder than two hours at the gym!

Meg Dennison

I am inspired by the commitment of the others in the group, but this week it was hard to stick with the diet plan, especially at dinner, because I was eating out a lot. I also coach people in transforming their lives at home and at work, and this challenge had me saying to myself what I say to my clients: “No need to spend an ounce of energy beating yourself up for falling back into a habit you are trying to break; just recommit to what you really want and keep going.” I went to hot yoga for the third time, though I do not see how I can fit the three weekly yoga classes into my schedule with all the other fitness activities I enjoy.

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