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Nothing is certain

By Cassandra Tyndall

One thing was for certain in 2020 and that is, that nothing was certain. As the New Year grows closer and we begin to reflect on the year that was, there is no way we could have known it would have looked quite like this.

In our modern and material world, we have been conditioned towards linear progress. Go to school. Get good grades. Go to college and get good grades again. Get a good job. Save your money. Pay taxes… I think you get the drift. We’ve been so conditioned to bootstrapping ourselves that along the way, we forgot what it means to be happy. 2020 changed all that. Seemingly overnight, the structures, systems and beliefs that guided our lives didn’t support us in the way we were taught they would. This encouraged us to look at happiness and success in a new way.

Just like the Moon that grows in light and fades away, we were invited to see life in a more circular pattern. It sounds easy, but in reality, this challenged some of our collective core beliefs.

Your challenge this week is to look at the cognitive dissonance within yourself and consider what beliefs you’re not willing to release to find your own happiness now and into 2021.

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