Non-profit Hartland Winter Trails seeks volunteers, board members


Hartland Winter Trails (HWT), a 501(c)(3) non-profit since 2022, has been providing groomed cross-country ski and snowshoe trails in Hartland for nearly 50 years. Access to 25-plus km of trails on private lands and the snowshoe lending program is free to the public. All time and effort to manage the organization and to maintain and groom the trails is donated by volunteers. The cost for maintenance of the trails and equipment that creates the groomed tracks is paid for by contributions from individual donors and fundraising efforts. HWT is grateful to the many people who have donated funds and labor over these past many years. 

HWT is led by a board of directors who are also volunteers. Two of the founding board members have decided to pass along their positions to someone new. HWT has been very fortunate to have them as its secretary and treasurer for many years. The good news is that they are both planning to stay active in the group and will help transition their responsibilities to the people who volunteer to fill these open board of director positions. 

Two additional board of director positions have been unfilled for a couple of years and some members have been taking on the added responsibility of these jobs. HWT would love to find volunteers interested in joining the board as a media director and special events director. Each position will have support and training available to help new recruits.

Hartland Winter Trails is dependent volunteers in order to meet is mission:

To provide a community resource for families and individuals of all ages

To foster community participation

To promote respect for and appreciation of the natural environment

To enhance the physical and mental well-being of those who use these trails

If you value the community resource of the HWT trail system, please consider becoming a volunteer for one of the open positions described below. The time commitment (several hours per month) is concentrated in the fall and winter months, with very few hours required in the other months of the year. A detailed description of the responsibilities and approximate hours can be provided to interested applicants. The goal is to have these positions filled and some transitional training done by September.   


Takes notes at all HWT board and annual meetings and prepares minutes. Updates and maintains the mailing and contacts list. Develops the letter for the annual meeting and other special events. Coordinates with the treasurer to acknowledge monetary and in-kind donations. The secretary may delegate any of their listed duties to another volunteer.


Maintains financial records and tracks the balances of HWT accounts. Coordinates with the secretary to acknowledge monetary and in-kind donations. Coordinates fundraising efforts including delegating and overseeing grant writing. Reports financial standing at the annual meeting. Submits required annual filings to the IRS.

Media director

Is responsible for accurate mapping of the trail system. In coordination with the Trail Director, maintains and updates changes to the map and ensures the HWT web page has an up-to-date map. (The current trail director is very happy to undertake the mapping tasks associated with the media director position.) Coordinates map sales at local businesses or delegates this task. Coordinates any other trail mapping projects. Maintains all HWT social media outlets. Conducts any additional media related tasks including advertising for special events. Assists with electronic programs and documents to improve director and member communications. 

Special events director 

Develops and organizes any special events that use the HWT trail system. Coordinates with other organizations that seek to hold their events on these trails. Responsible for coordinating with schools or other groups for educational or recreational activities involving the trail system. Maintains a list of volunteers who can assist with special events and recruits additional volunteers.

Volunteers for the board positions do not need to live in Hartland to apply. No prior experience is necessary. 

Please contact the HWT executive director via email with any questions, or to apply for one of these Board positions:

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