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Movement is in the stars; time to get things done

By Cassandra Tyndall

The final week of February brings with it a feeling of needing to get things done. The stuck and stagnant energy of recent weeks begins to shift and change. It’s all well and good to conceptualize ideas, make plans or let ideas marinate, but eventually, action is required.
This week brings a down-to-earth energy with it which may assist you in making a move and simply getting things done. You might like to consider one of your most important goals and focus your energy on that. Even if it takes a while to gain momentum, avoid allowing a slow start dissuade you from moving forward to something that really matters.

A Full Moon on the weekend might remind you of the importance of attending to the details. Organizing, cleaning or formulating a plan will promote clarity and focus. It may also be an ideal time to tidy up your diet and start making healthier choices.

As the astrological weather patterns begin to change, you may need to become more adaptable with it. Use this insight to your advantage by not putting off to another time what you can get done now.

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