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Healing the physical through the ethereal

By Marguerite Jill Dye

“You’ve reached a new level of healing now, Jill. You’ve entered the mystical realm,” Francisca, my Rosicrucian writer friend, said. She gave me a distant healing last night then added the blessing of a sound night’s sleep. Usually my pain wakes me up, which also awakens my husband Duane. But this morning we slept two hours past when my pain meds were due! (That helps in the daytime when pain creeps in half an hour before my next dose is due).

“Instead of thinking about the pain, focus on this to diminish, control, and alleviate it,” Francesca continued over the phone. “Envision yourself standing in water filled with beautiful silver light that enters your body, organs, tissues, and nerves, healing, restoring, and making them whole.”

I’m floating in the warm shimmering water of the Isle of Capri’s magical Blue Grotto (which Mom, brother Bill, and I entered while exploring Europe when I was 14). Its silvery light bathes my cells, repairing scarred nerves and herniated discs. Directing my ethereal body to replicate my healthiest physical self, my positive, directed, high vibration thoughts are manifesting my recovery. The change isn’t sudden. I must monitor my thoughts often. Raising my vibration to a healing one is what I’m now focusing on. It isn’t easy when pain sets in but it gives me a goal to strive towards.

I am learning to understand the significance of pain which serves as a clue to experiences and emotions. Our Argentine artist friend, Graciela, has been warning me that the stress I’ve felt, combined with a life lived full speed ahead, was a dangerous path. I’d like to learn to identify and resolve my feelings ASAP, rather than holding them in until they fester into pain or disease.

Women connect with emotions seven times faster than men. As children, we learn to make our parents happy to receive their love and to survive. We repeat this behavior as adults in our relationships. It’s important to become aware when our energy is being sabotaged, but I had no idea that our ancestors’ lives cause 90 percent of our energy drains! I’m only accountable for what I create, and not for others’ energetic patterns.

We can ask ourselves if a problem is ours or if we contributed to it. In order to release it and be free, whether it’s theirs or ours, we must recognize it and know its source.

Another friend and healer, Robin, who healed himself of leukemia, called to see if his trigger point massage had been helpful. He’d shared an insight that the source of my hip pain was many little irritations. When I began to excavate and explore, I understood its significance.

Once I began to understand the psychological origin of my left hip pain, the “tapping solution” (, affirmations (, and prayer replaced anger and angst with loving thoughts. The problem seems to have resolved itself with Divine synchronicity and my own change in attitude. I no longer feel emotionally distressed and have adopted an attitude of gratitude, instead. The emotional resolution is healing my hip and will soon end the pain.

My ankle pain’s been so bad it feels as if it’s broken, but X-rays showed mild calcification and some small bone spurs. The pain also radiates down the nerves. When I asked the pain what it could mean, I clearly sensed a ball and chain around my ankle, tightly secured. My pain responded, “Your self-limiting beliefs and fear of failure are holding you back from moving forward. You don’t realize the gifts you have and your ability to manifest dreams. Often, you give your power away, seeking to please and pacify. It’s made you sick again and again. Now it’s making you weak and is disabling. You blame others for your powerlessness, but in reality, only you hold the key—it’s near your heart in your left breast pocket! Perhaps you should wear it around your neck to remember and never forfeit your force: To claim your power is your God-given right. To claim your power is an act of self love!”

Marguerite Jill Dye is an artist and writer who divides her time between the Green Mountains of Vermont and Florida’s Gulf Coast.

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  1. Amazing piece. I love the “Envisioning yourself standing in water filled with beautiful silver light that enters your body, organs, tissues, and nerves, healing, restoring, and making them whole.” I like the way to speak to pain as well and letting it tell you why it’s there. Ethereal healing is so amazing and profound. I healed my son with scoliosis and a young man with Leukaemia, and I am excited other people out there are using this gift and are helping other people.

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