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Grin and bear it

By Cassandra Tyndall

Just like rush hour on the roads, from time to time, the sky has its own special kind of planetary traffic jam. Once you’re on the freeway and stuck, there’s no moving forward, reversing or U-turns. It might feel a bit the same way this week as you go about your usual routines. So, with that in mind, your best bet is to grin and bear it, knowing that eventually, the roads will clear and so will any congestion in your own life.

This week opens the next cycle of eclipses that will last for another 18 months. Collectively, this will likely redirect us away from a focus on facts, information and data toward life’s essentials, including food, money and resources — all things we objectively like to have stable and constant. On a more personal note, a new chapter opens that will amplify a new area of life that you might not necessarily enjoy changing. One thing is for certain, we are entering times of change. For some, change can be destabilizing. At the same time, where there is a little turbulence and chaos, there can also be fecund territory for pushing forward where things have been stuck or stagnant.

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