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Goodbye, for now

I had already been working as an astrologer for 20 years when I got invited to write this weekly column. It started out as a radio broadcast on WEBK, in Killington, Vermont. It morphed into a newspaper piece when the radio show folded and people wrote in asking if maybe the Mountain Times would run it as a published piece. At this point, the column has been in print for a little over 30 years.

Everything in astrology is based on cycles. The 30-year cycle is a big one. It marks a point in time where we return to the beginning. It is also a point where we have to decide to continue with things, or leave the past behind and move on to something new.

For the last 6-months, I have been totally burnt out from my work. As much as I love what I do, the demand for my services has increased to the point where I have no life. I spend six days a week doing charts for people, and on the seventh day, I write this column. In between, a few hours of each day are given over to email correspondence, answering questions from people who write to me in search of help and advice. As of today, my appointment book for readings is booked solid from now straight through until the summer of 2023.

People are of the mind that astrologers don’t have to do much but look into their crystal ball and pop out an answer or two. With me, that is not the case. I spend more time preparing for my clients than I spend talking with them – because I know that if they trust me enough to lay their life in front of me, I owe it to them to do my best work. What happens in the course of a session requires me to enter into the cellular memory of the individual – some people are way more complex than others – and for the length of time that we talk, all of who I am has to give myself over to the person on the other end of the line.

Don’t get me wrong; like I said, I love what I do and am grateful to be the one who gets to do it. All of this was a dream of mine that began when I was 20 – not many of us are lucky enough to have time give birth to “the dream come true.” At the same time, 50 years down the road, I am totally tapped out. All kinds of energy is going ‘out’, and there is nothing coming back in to replenish it. In a sense, the well has run dry or my battery is dead and needs to be recharged.

People who mean well tell me to “raise my rates.” While this makes sense on the surface, having lived through “hell and high water” myself, I know how hard it is for working class people to come up with the funds to pay for the kind of support that I offer.

All of this is meant to inform you that I am in need of a break. My doctor has advised me to take the next month off – no readings, no writing, no weekly column, no mental work of any kind. He has also advised me to stay off the computer, so if you email me with questions, do not be surprised if you get an automatic response saying that I am “on Vacation.”

I do not know what will happen next. What I do know is that my M.O. regarding my work is in need of an overhaul. For the next few weeks, I will do whatever it takes to bring myself back to center. I will keep reminding myself that I am not a cosmic answering machine, and that life is not just about work. If you are one of the people who has an appointment scheduled with me between now and the end of June, please note that our session is officially cancelled until further notice. If I get back in action before the end of June, I will email you to let you know that I am working again.

Once I get myself sorted out, I will do a write-up on the astrological aspects in my own chart that have precipitated this decision. Many influences, including several “lethal” connections have fed into it – so trust me – I am not just playing hooky; none of this was done lightly. I am an “Old Gal” – going on 72 years.

Time has taught me to take good care of the physical vehicle, and right now, I am treating myself with kid gloves – because I love what I do, and I need my body to keep doing it. Between now and the time I resurrect myself, I am sure that you will be able to find numerous other astrological outlets to supply you with words of wisdom for the week.

Until then – thank you for understanding,

Cal Garrison, a.k.a. Mother of the Skyle

43 comments on “Goodbye, for now

  1. Thank you for all your words of comfort, Cal. I came across your horoscopes at a time in my life when I needed the most direction. I held onto your every word each and every week. You gave me hope and courage. I hope you have a very restful break. You certainly deserve it. Thank you for sharing your gift with us all. Best to you always.

  2. Thank you so much for your guidance and to the point horoscopes. I will miss you. I wish you well, have happy thoughts, dreams and experiences.

  3. Wow! Every commentator missed the obvious that the girl who reads the stars to predict future events has no freaking clue about her own life? Rich!

    1. She literally said there’s parts of her chart that have predicted this and they are legally, or did you miss that part?

  4. Ohh take care of yourself an enjoy.Thank You for all youve helped us with. I looked forward every month to your post. All the Best.

  5. I hope the stars will align you with us again in a healthier way. I am thankful for you; a crystal that can see the light she refracts and sheds it upon us. My journey has been a tough one lately, I agree with there being more taken than given all around. I hope you receive all the love and support you have shown others and more.

  6. Thank you, as always, for showing us how it’s done. Thank you for saying the pace is too much, thank you for giving and giving and giving when the science wasn’t respected. Thank you for getting us here with your will, your work and your wisdom. You’ll be greatly missed and your healthy, rested, on YOUR time return will be super, uber welcomed.

  7. You will be missed. I was fortunate to have found you and your column over ten years ago. Words cannot express my gratitude throughout the years. Your post is a reminder for me to take time to breathe and rest. My grandmother always reminded me to take care of yourself first…because if you are not well, how can you take care of others. Take care and be well.

  8. Thank you Cal, for all that you have done for me. Just reading the weekly scopes and your thoughts kept me sane during the 8.5 years I took care of my husband post stroke. You are the only one that can take care of you at this time! Brighter days and Higher Love and Joy to you !!!

  9. Thank you so much for giving so much of your soul to all of us!!!! I hope your soul receives exactly what it needs for healing today and always!!

  10. Thank so much for your spiritual guidance over the years. I will miss you. I wish you well in the future.

  11. I wish you all the very best – I have enjoyed your astrology column and take on the world so much, and always found your interpretations really appropriate for me and helpful in making sense of my life. I will miss you and your column. Thank you.

  12. Thank you Cal for all of the wisdom and light you bring to the universe (and our inboxes)! More than anyone you deserve all the R+R you need. Goddess bless and may she bring you all the peace you seek <3

  13. Will miss this column! It’s been a connection to my daughter going to college at UVM years ago when I stumbled across an article that allowed me to sign up. Thanks for the writings! You will be missed and always appreciated!

  14. My sense is, when you “awaken” from your much needed break, you will be on a new… and far more fulfilling path. You have much more to accomplish in this lifetime.

    All the very best to you.!

  15. You’re walking the walk. OF COURSE I’m going to miss the mind blowing gift of the week. 72 too. Thanks for the fantastic example. Is there a place or way to send a little contribution to your time out? Have meant to have done it before for this incredible service. Thank you SO much for everything. I wish you SO THE VERY BEST.

  16. Please take care of yourself .you will be missed and I hope you will be back soon?

  17. Perfect timing!!! Good for you Cal Garrison!! Good for you!!! Right now in this time and place self love and care is all we have in our control.
    As you know, as the brilliant astrologer you are, the upcoming months and conjunctions will not be good at all. Challenging is an understatement and the overload you will receive from followers would have been a total collapse of your human space suit.
    You trusted Universe and it has come through for you. It is perfect spiritual timing for you.
    None of us know when the physical body will stop and with current astrological energies there will be a number of our species Opting Out.
    I am in awe of anyone who makes such strong decisions for themselves. You are becoming a spiritual warrior with battle wounds and scars caused by going into physical, mental and spiritual battles.
    You conquered a very strong one today by letting go and moving on.
    Infinite love and gratitude to you Cal Garrison for all you have done for me personally and the collective.

  18. Cal…. I TOTALLY get where you are and I am so happy to hear you are putting yourself first and doing what you need to do to thrive. YOU GO! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your amazing weekly horoscope.. I have been a fan for 20 years now and you are always so insightful.. your wisdom has helped me SO much. I will miss you but wish you happiness and success in whatever you choose to do. Take more time if you need, you deserve it!

  19. I sure am going miss you. You are right on target with your weekly readings. I have never had my chart read by you, in which case, I feel like I missed out. I wish you the best and YES please take care of you. You deserve a break when you want one.

  20. I wish you profound restoration in your time-out! You have freely given such inspirational words, and I for one, am genuinely grateful. Peace ☮️

  21. Best regards for the future. Thanks for your horoscopes and enjoy your rest
    Kind regards

  22. Hi Cal.
    I’m not surprised that it’s time for you to vent the tanks and breath in some fresh energy. I get it. Of course I will miss your words here in The Mountain Times. I’ll retreat to other things you have written.

    Zip and I are doing like everybody else these days…. counting the months by empty pill bottles, although we’re both quite healthy and taking this shit because they said “you should.” You know the deal. We tried out a place in Delaware just for fun. Hated it. Glad we kept the house here in Rutland. We’re loving being home. Hope you will stop and see us next trip. We have a nice big suite you can hang out in…. full wine cellar…. mold pot….. great food. Hope we see you.

    For now I see peace, love and good times are all on your dance card. Go for it.


  23. I have known and followed you since your Rutland, Vt Tappas days and I wish you well! Good for you that you are taking care of yourself. Much love sent your way!

  24. Cal, I just want to say WOW! It’s no wonder you’re burnt out after having done this wonderful job of yours, and all for other people.
    You deserve much more than only a month off.
    Yes, do whatever it takes to rest not only your physical body but more so your Mind. Many people seem to think that unless you do actual physical labor on your job that you have it pretty easy, just sitting behind a desk. But we both know, that is completely incorrect! The mental labor that you can put into your work can be completely draining, sometimes more than actual physical labor (I was a full-charge bookkeeper!). So, my friend, try to relax and REST UP! Or, who knows…your own stars might even tell you that it’s time to retire! With the way everything is going on with the world right now, it might not be such a bad idea after all (I’m 67 myself). On that note, I will just say Good Luck and take care!

    1. I admire your honesty and integrity towards yourself. Good for you. There’s a time for everything. I have retired from being a psychotherapist for over 25 years because it was no longer joyful to me and I don’t know if I will ever go back to it. There are amazing things happening in the cosmos… you’ll find your place. Thanks for the support that you have given me through the weekly horoscopes ?
      Blessings to you.

    1. We will miss you!! It was wonderful to have you around and was dependent upon your support every week. Now as a good mother you have left us to fly alone and strong with our destiny, All the very best !!

  25. Thank you for your great horoscopes. I read them every Thursday here in Newmarket Ontario. I hear you sister I feel the same. Please take care and enjoy your time.

    Sending gratitude, peace, love and light.


  26. Good for you! Taking care and regrouping. It seems that our recent world events have been giving us all the message and time to reevaluate ourselves. Be well and know you are in my thoughts and prayers.
    In love and light, Nora

  27. Thanks for all your updates over the past MANY years! I always looked forward to your insights and advice, it was uncanny how accurate your horoscopes were and I eagerly awaited each Wednesday for your advice. Please take it easy and take the time you need to discover your next move and life direction. Hoping you will return, but understand how busy life can get! I miss you already!!!

  28. Thank you for all you have guided me through since finding your readings in Vermont in 2007. Sending you light and love! Be Free. Be Well. You will be thought of often.

  29. Please take care of yourself. You will be missed but…do you! Like you I’m becoming an old gal and applaud you. You have an amazing gift, I wish I could have spent time with you. I live in colorado. I’ve never read a column like yours. You are loved even by strangers.

  30. I am so sorry you’re going thru this but also so glad that you have recognized what you need to do for yourself, and will be doing it. All the best to you!! I’ll be looking forward to future posts if you decide to come back.

  31. Chillax, the world is going nowhere and rest, rest, rest is good for the soul. Enjoy the time away and make sure it’s that TIME AWAY. It’s all about YOU for now.


  32. Ohhhh I wish you well! I have been following your astrology for more than 12 years and I often feel your words of wisdom hit me like a truck – you say it as it is and it resonates for my sun, moon and rising.
    I will miss your writing, but rest well and only come back if and when you are ready!

  33. Thank you Cal Garrison. I have been reading you for awhile. I have loved your accuracy and your point blank honest opinions. May you experience joy and peace in your new endeavors.

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