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Entertaining what could be

By Cassandra Tyndall

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” When you’re only 6 years old and you respond with something wild, crazy and impractical, you’re applauded and celebrated for your ambition and imagination. Then, somewhere along the line, the rings of reality close in on you and you decide to be responsible and realistic. You downgrade your dream and play a safe bet. You convince yourself it’s the right thing. You play along and eventually, you may even be content.

Life moves on, and every now and then, like a rising tide, the memory of what you once wanted floods in. The giggly and dancing child still within you stirs your soul and dares you to dream “What if?” But now, despite your safe bet, the stakes are higher than when you were young, wild and free.

This week, you’re encouraged to entertain the idea of what could be. As adults, we forget the power of our dreams and rarely give ourselves permission to indulge them. If you find yourself escaping into the wonder and enchantment of delicious abandon, stay there! Allow yourself to planet a seed of hope and incubate it. We could all do with a pair of rose-colored glasses right now.

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