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Don’t let time slow you down

By Cassandra Tyndall

If a change is worth making, the time it takes is worth taking. It’s easy to feel inspired by possibility, especially if you’re not satisfied by the current status quo. Dreaming up goals, making plans and thinking about the end point can help us visualize a better future. Without a sense of hope or faith in what is possible, there is no momentum to push the boundary of what is.

For some of us, that sense of momentum can swiftly die off once it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Either we get so in the trenches of what has to be done that we lose sight of the vision, or we get so inspired by the vision that we overlook what is actually required to get from point A to point B.

This week, it may be important to remind yourself that reaching a worthwhile goal that brings meaningful change actually takes time and hard work. Rather than let that deflate you, use any negative energy to your favor. Try not to see it as a weight to bring you down; instead, see it as a driving force for transformation. You can’t reap and sow in the same season.

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