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Cosmic Catalogue: War of words will ensue

With Mercury in Aries and Venus sliding into Pisces this week, it might be easy to think that the tide is changing and everything is different. This isn’t entirely true. With Mercury in Aries for the next two months, arguments, battles and a war of words will ensue.

As the fog of recent weeks dissipates, this week is ideal for giving thought about what clear and direct communication looks like to you. This isn’t the time to mince your words or be evasive. A clear and well thought out mind is less likely to fall victim to gaslighting, propaganda and flat out lies. Be prepared to call something out for what it is. Not all circumstances require nuance and context. Duality has its place, but it’s less likely now.

Venus in Pisces, in contrast, adds a soothing balm that adds a touch of the sublime. While one area of life may feel furious and fraught, another will feel like a soft landing and a much needed sweet distraction.

Before the astrological temperature gauge ramps right up, the stillness of this week allows you to lean into what you’re fighting for as well as what you cherish.

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