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Cosmic Catalogue: Venus in retrograde


Venus retrograde isn’t renowned for being a pleasant experience. Of all the planetary retrograde cycles, Venus is the one we  feel the most. You see, Venus is the planet associated with the areas of life you don’t want cut short such as joy, happiness and pleasure. Have you ever seen a child happily walk away from a party when their parent says it’s time to go home? Yeah, me neither!

But the fact of life is, parties just can’t go on forever. Eventually the wine runs dry and the people stop dancing. You grow either drunk or tired, or both, which in of itself, is a feeling that can’t last forever.
This is no different with love. While love is said to be eternal, loving someone isn’t always the case. Feelings change and hearts grow apart. Sometimes souls align but timelines in these human bodies don’t, which can be the most heartbreaking of all.
That said, the old adage “better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all” can ring true now. Better to have gone to the party and have it end, than to have stayed at home and wondered, what if?

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