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Cosmic Catalogue: Not everyone wants what you want them to have

Things start to look a bit different this week. Truths have been revealed and are now exposed to the light. While things are still fractured and in a continuing state of chaos and change, there is an opportunity to see things differently.

As the Sun and Mercury move into imaginative Pisces you might be tempted to see and think about things how you’d imagine them to be. That may seem nice and all, but it would be wise to not lose sight of reality at the same time. Not everyone wants what you want them to have. While hearts may come from the right place, to be in a place of limerence is only going to leave you in a state of fatigue and feeling disillusioned. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for someone else, and for yourself, is to say “No.”

The weekend will illuminate the night sky with the Cosmos’ silver circle. The Full Moon in Virgo is a reminder to not lose your head, nor your heart. Whatever issue you may feel torn about, before you’re tempted to become a savior, consider where responsibility has been lacking. It won’t be much longer before the bill comes due.

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