Cocktail corner: Tullamore irish coffee, a nod to the Irish

By Tom Joyce

“Give everyman his DEW!”  Tullamore D.E.W. that is.

How’s that for a whiskey slogan? It’s not as effective as being mentioned in a country or rap song but for 1873 it’s pretty impressive.

Daniel E. Williams used his initials to market this Irish Whiskey after rising though the ranks at the distillery, from shoveling barley to general manager to owner.  It’s currently the second largest Irish Whiskey company in the world.

“Success comes not to those who desire it most, but to those who care deeply about what they do and feel compelled to create,” D.E. Williams is thought to have said.

Well I’ve tried to create a little something in honor of our friends from the Emerald Isle.

Attempting to put a little Green Mountains into the Irish Coffee classic I substituted maple syrup as the sweetener instead of the usual white, brown or demerara sugar.

Maple syrup is exactly one-and-a-half times sweeter than simple syrup, so depending on your penchant for sweetness you may have to add or subtract a little. Tullamore has notes of caramel and spice from the bourbon casks it’s aged in so it doesn’t need a lot of help, but I like maple syrup so there you go.

Preheat your mug with hot water for a couple minutes until it’s warm when you wrap your mitts around it. Add pure Vermont maple syrup, whiskey and layer carefully with some heavy whipping cream or squirt some Cabot whipped cream on top.  I usually dribble a little green creme de menthe on the cream for a garnish.  I admit it’s a little cheesy but never fails to get a few oohhs and ahhs from the patrons.

In your preheated mug, build:

1.5 ounces Tullamore Dew original

0.25 ounces pure Vt. maple syrup

4 ounces piping hot coffee

Some sort of fresh cream from our helpful Vermont cows.

Erin go Bragh from your Irish brother Tom Joyce.

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