Body Transformation Challenge

Coach’s corner: “I don’t want to look like a bodybuilder”


By Kyle Finneron

It is great to have a goal in mind before starting on a transformation of your own.

Often when I sit down with a new student and ask them what their ideal body would look like if they were to have it today and they will respond with “I want to get into shape but I don’t want to look like a bodybuilder.” My answer is always, “don’t worry, no one looks like that by accident.” It is surprising how many people think that if they start exercising regularly they will turn into Rich Piana (his arms are probably bigger than my torso!) Developing a physique similar to Rich or any of the other massive human beings that grace the covers of the muscle magazines takes an incredible amount of hard work and dedication. There is a heck of a lot of in-between “grey area” between the average person looking to get in shape and a bodybuilder! But it is not uncommon for such irrational fears to pop up and to become real obstacles (or excuses) to achieving your fitness goals.

Train for strength, the rest will follow

Regardless of an individual’s specific goals my training philosophy is to train for strength first. As you become stronger you will be able to lift heavier weights. Once you are able to train with heavier weights your muscles will begin to grow, and when you have more muscle your body requires more calories to keep your metabolism at its new height and this, in turn, will cause you to lose weight if you keep your caloric in take in check, or allow you to eat more, if you have achieved your ideal weight. Also, when has anyone wished they were weaker?

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