Body Transformation Challenge

BTC Final Results

Meg Dennison

Throughout this whole challenge I have been challenging myself with new forms of exercise as well as forms I have not utilized in some time. I have probably never done so many squats or lunges in such a short amount of time! I will certainly continue to be active.

Chandler Burgess

I am honestly pleased with how my life has changed in the past six weeks. My basic knowledge of nutrition went from shoveling anything that closely resembled a food like product into my mouth, to making smart educated choices about what my body really needs to be healthy. Nutrition, and my understanding of what is considered good nutrition, is my largest area of growth in this challenge. While I have gained a tremendous amount of positive momentum through this challenge, I look forward most to maintaining healthy eating habits. The physical aspect of this program presented some unique and creative challenges that caused me to push beyond my comfort zone.

I started out the program not a huge fan of lunges, they always made me feel awkward and goofy and I would always end up slamming my knees into the ground. I now have a new respect for the my old workout pal, the lunge, and what it does for the body. Like milk, lunges do a body good. I am back on the workout-train and it feels amazing. The physical and mental changes and the results that I have witnessed in the past short six weeks only motivate me to continue to work out and eat healthy. You only have one body, it is up to you to take care of it.

Barb Wood

Wow, these six weeks really flew by! I found myself sad knowing that the Body Transformation Challenge was ending. I thought that without the weekly check-in somehow things would go back to the way they were. Boy was I wrong! I totally plan on picking up the pace. Honestly, the hardest part will be to decide what type of exercise I plan to do each day. The options are endless in Vermont!

I am so excited about how I feel. I lost 15 pounds and 13 ½ inches in six weeks! That is three 5-pound bags of sugar. The new way of eating and exercising did not come easy at first but the longer I stuck with it, the easier it became. I have so much more energy and happily report no midday crashes. I thoroughly enjoy being creative with fresh veggies and meats. No more processed foods in our home!

The key to success, for me, is the right support system. Friends, family, fitness coaches, co-workers; the list is endless. You also have to be committed to improving your own health. One thing I found surprising were the number of people telling me that I inspired THEM! That caught me off guard and at times made me emotional. My fitness journey has inspired others to say, “If she can do it, then so can I.” It is empowering.

Baby steps eventually lead to long strides. It’s not like someone told me yesterday that I would have to do a Spartan Race next week. But come September 19, I will!

Jim Haff

The question for this week was: What are my plans moving forward given my new understanding of health and wellness? My plans are to continue with the “Lose It” program, which monitors my intake of calories and breaks these calories down to proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Also, I plan to work out at least three times per week for at least an hour — treadmill, biking, walking, and some ice hockey. My understanding of the health and wellness part of this program is that I should be eating more proteins than carbohydrates and fats each day, by doing this should be building more muscle, which will help with my overall health. It’s been a great program and I look forward to continuing my efforts. I’d like to thank all those involved including Kyle Finneron, Beth Roberts, The Mountain Times, Pico Sports Center, Killington Bootcamp, and Bikram Yoga — even though I never went to those last two I hope to try them as I lose a little more weight.

Justin “Koko” Restreppo

Well six weeks of education on how to eat properly helped me realized the big problem with my overall diet. I now realize the saying breakfast is the most important meal was not a lie all these years. I’m ready to make a full commitment to this new style of eating more often and conscious of what to eat. Really happy with the results… I could have made a better overall effort. But still happy to have stayed true to the diet, also looking forward to making a 365 day commitment to trying to lose 75 pounds with Kyle Finneron in the next year! Fingers crossed and ready to put forth 100 percent commitment. Thanks again to Beth and Kyle. They are true professionals.

Suzanne Ellis – Leonard

This year I rode in the Long Trail Century Ride. I did 60 miles! I plan to keep working out and watching my nutrition and I know next year I will finish the 100 mile loop. This is just the beginning. I’m very pleased with my results and dedication to this new lifestyle.

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