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A full moon rises

B Cassandra Tyndall

As we enter the final third of the month, the sky welcomes a very different energy than of the first two thirds. Until the end of the month, we’ll see all the visible planets except for Saturn change signs. Venus, the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars will bring forth their own unique energies and activate different areas of your birth chart and your life.

This weekend brings a Full Moon in Aquarius, the first of two. As the lunar light shines bright in the sign renowned for freedom and autonomy, you might be ready to experiment with new forms of self-expression. A new awareness may emerge regarding your obligations and your responsibilities. Rather than seeing them as a weight on your shoulders, they may actually be the solid foundation you need to springboard toward your big dreams. As second chances show signs of arriving, you may reconnect with your larger-than-life dreams and find innovative ways to bring them to life. 

If you felt a little stuck, introspective or lost since mid-May while Jupiter was in Pisces, just see it as a little cosmic pause. The pace is once again in the process of quickening, similar to what we had back in February.

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