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Mountain Meditation: There’s something about the mountains 



Mountain Meditation

By Margeurite Jill Dye

There’s something about the mountains

That calms a troubled soul.

The air is fresh, the sky is blue, serenity, extolled.


Red foxes, bears and coyotes, squirrels and beaver run,

Hunt and play in meadows and fields,

On peaks and ledges in fog or sun.


Honking geese fly in formation, 

Bald eagles and hawks soar on high

Looking down with bird’s-eye view

For mice and rabbits passing by.


Woods and forests hug Mountain ridges 

And fall to valleys far below.

Ancient, cragged, granite peaks

Tower above inner sanctums.




There’s something about the mountains

That allows my heart to unfurl.

Earthly concerns and the stresses of life

Disappear and all’s right with the world.



By Pat Wise


I’m a philosopher at heart. I love to ponder universal truths, and delve into the meaning of our existence, here as spirits having human experiences. Who are we really? Human beings not far removed from chimpanzees. But hopefully we utilize our cognition to create a better world.

In one of my dreams, I observed Planet Earth from high above in the nighttime.

Across vast distances, strings of sparkling lights like stars in the sky connected creatures and human beings of the highest vibrations. Dark continents were silhouetted by seas that shimmered slightly in the moonlight. It demonstrated to me the importance of being connected to one another.

We are born to families who often share certain experiences and the friends we choose throughout our lives teach and guide us to become ourselves. (Those who don’t, teach us too, to define and stand up for who we are.) Each of us chooses a certain path if we set our intention and don’t stray too far from the values and ethics we wish to live by.

I’m very grateful to be in Vermont where people value the freedom we share; where self-expression is encouraged; where we honor others’ strength and independence, but reach out to help neighbors in need.

Who are our neighbors? Other humans and creatures who grace our state and world. It’s clearer in the mountains to see distant horizons and what our purpose may be.

Although we may feel lost at times, we are connected to Source always. When we feel connected, possibilities are limitless. Absorbing divine light and feeling the connection, our heart’s portal opens up. It enables us to exude radiance and serve as light workers in the Earth’s awakening, which is occurring now.

There is a new way of being that’s transcending old behaviors and is leading us to love and light, compassion, kindness and connection — away from the limits of our primitive lizard brain (which is needed for fight, flight, feeding and fear). When we raise our own vibrations (by raising our emotions to positive ones) we elevate those of others, too. The time has come to step forward and join in the movement of recreating our world.

“Reality” is what we create although we live in an illusion. Life is like a hologram that reflects back what we think and feel. So let’s feel and be united and revitalized and work together for common solutions — to raise people up, not put them down, and make Peace on Earth our greatest objective. Peace begins in each of our hearts. May peace be with you. Please pass it on.

Marguerite Jill Dye is a writer and artist who divides her time between Vermont and Florida.

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