On December 6, 2023

Living the Dream: What’s in your car?


Ever get to the mountain and find that you are missing an essential piece of equipment — like your boots — or just don’t have the right goggle lens for the day? Well, I have a bag for that. No seriously, I hate having everything loose in my car, especially when I might be driving clients around to showings at any given moment. I live out of my car all year long; it’s why I always drive a station wagon. And the key to success? Storage bags. And lots of them.

A good friend joked recently that instead of “MTV Cribs,” there should be a show where ski bums give you a tour of the inside of their cars. Well, allow me to give you a tour of mine:

First, there is the essential boot bag. At the recommendation of the famous Clarkeeeeee, I purchased a Dakine Boot Locker. It has a waterproof storage area for my ski boots and then an upper section into which I can stuff just about everything else in the world that I might need for the day. That usually includes at least two puffy coats, my synthetic laminated and a midlayer, because the weather is never the same at my house as it is on the mountain. Thankfully, the middle one packs down into a tiny little pouch so I sometimes even forget it is in there! Inside that is my goggle storage with extra lenses and my utility bag. There are two pairs of gloves, an extra pair of ski socks and a second pompom hat just in case. My real estate clothes will go in here when I change after lunch.

Then, I have my 50L duffel bag (in the same color as the boot locker, of course) in which I have packed my bartending clothes to change into after skiing. There is also my toiletry bag (which matches the goggle and utility bag, because apparently I have become matchy matchy where gear is concerned. There is a great side pocket for my work shoes and it keeps everything else from getting covered in salt and sand on those wonderful days. It also doubles as a backpack, in case I have to walk the Killington Road to Jax or Mogul’s after my shift to meet the BF for “one.” Of course, if I’m going skinning that day, I will also have a backpack filled with all the gear for that adventure, including skins, etc. But backpacks are a whole other column for later.

Next  is my work bag, a beautiful dark green leatherish tote that I purchased at the Greenbriar that amazingly fits my computer and planner and anything else that I might need for the office. It does not match everything else — but it does coordinate! I love this bag. It has pockets on the outside for my phone and notepad, a little pouch for all my cords and a bigger bag for my reading glasses and 85 pens.

Finally, my snack bag. This cooler bag is silly, with flowers all over it and has my name engraved on it because it was to support my little cousin’s ice skating dreams a long time ago. You always get a fun bag when you let a 6-year-old pick it out. This bag and its snacks have saved my life so many times.

Stuck in the back are always two folding chairs, in case it’s warm enough to sit down in the parking lot while we are tailgating after skiing. The BF and I will tailgate in any kind of weather, we just always have. These chairs were left at the block party a few years ago and one is kind of falling apart at the arm, but it’s perfect for that time when we will forget and leave them in the parking lot.

Of course, there is the classic blanket that rolls up and looks cute in case I have to take clients on a showing. There are flares and a first aid kit for emergencies, as well as extraneous water bottles, both full and empty. Somehow, my car collects those. I also travel with my avalanche shovel, which has come in handy on a powder day in the K1 lot more times than I can count. As well as multiple scapers, a broom, secret snacks … 

Obviously, I live out of my car in the winter. You have to, when you don’t live on the Killington Road, want to make sure you can get your couple of runs in every day and still be awesome at your jobs. Just because we are ski bums, doesn’t mean we aren’t serious about the lifestyle and everything it entails. Like being prepared for anything. What’s in your car this winter?

Merisa Sherman is a long time Killington resident, KMS Coach and Realtor. She can be reached at femaleskibum@gmail.com.

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