On November 15, 2023

Poetry Is Power: The snowflake’s message



They shimmer,

They shine, 

Oh so tiny,

Oh so many,

Thousands and thousands,

Cover the ground,

Swirling and twirling,

Dancing in the sky,

Blanketing the ground frosty white,

It looks like some magical land,

Powdered sugar falling,

Marshmallow clouds,

But no this is earth,

As beautiful as can be,

Outside in nature,

Is a wonderful place you see,

All these snowflakes falling,

Tons and tons,

Take a look at one,

Now another,

They are all different,

None are the same,

Not one little twist of snow is,

They are all the same but different,

As are we,

We are all people,

You are too,

But it’s good to be different,

It’s fine to stand out,

That’s what the snowflakes tell us,

We are all human,

We are all the same,

But we have our differences,

And that is a gift,

Because you get to be you,

I get to be me,

We get to be ourselves,

Now that is a gift,

So enjoy it, 

Snowflakes are beautiful and so are you,

You make a difference in this world,

You are amazing.

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