On October 18, 2023

Mountain Mediation: Gifts of sensitivity


We will return to the bear cave next week for Bear’s enlightening messages, but I’m feeling called to interject some teachings I’ve learned and would like to share. I consulted my Power Animal Oracle Cards for a confirmation. Raven stood out above other cards and this is what it said: “raven—magic—own your power… Use your abilities to demonstrate to others that there is this amazing power of spirit available that can move mountains, a force that can be accessed with the proper mix of faith, intention, and focus. So stop doubting, worrying, or making excuses, and own your capacity to be a powerful magician. Use these gifts to help make this a better world for all beings.”

When I was a child, my parents protected me because of my extreme sensitivity. Others would say (and sometimes still do), “You’re too sensitive.” I was confused. I knew it was good and vital to care, to feel compassion and be kindhearted. Mom taught us to practice the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Compassion’s companion is often pain. It was easy to put myself in others’ shoes. Sometimes I felt sad without knowing why. But after Mom’s passing, my grief counselor explained, “You’re an empath! You absorb others’ pain.”

Since then I’ve learned my sensitivities extend to the “Three Clairs,” the three main intuitive and metaphysical senses that bypass neurological pathways. They are conveyed through the psyche.


Clairsentience is clear feeling in the gut about people, relationships, places, and situations. This may include feeling someone’s true intentions, which may differ greatly from their smiles or words. All clairsentients are also empaths and often need learn how to distinguish their emotions from others’. (This is also called clairempathy.) Many clairsentients feel overwhelmed in crowds due to the flood of peoples’ emotions. In an energy healing class, I began to feel sick. I was picking up our patient’s pain and illness. It took two classmates 20 minutes to restore my own energy field.


Claircognizance is clear knowing with no clue as to why or how. It comes as insights and inner knowing through the heart unlike logic from the mind. Overthinking and analyzing are not needed. This information is downloaded from a divine source. Claircognizance requires trust since the ego and brain try to undermine divine guidance.


Clairvoyance is clear seeing of colors, symbols, and images, but not necessarily seeing the future as I had thought (which is called precognition). A creative imagination, artistic nature, or photographic memory are some clues. Internal clairvoyance comes through vivid dreams, meditations, and shamanic journeys with flashes or full visions or scenes. Each image holds a deeper meaning with answers to questions you may have about life. External clairvoyance may be flashes of light, seeing auras or floating orbs with open eyes.

I am a novice in understanding these abilities, but I experience some every day. I’ve also learned we all have these gifts—like when you think of a friend far away and then they call and you know who it is; when you have a gut reaction to a person you adore or don’t trust and avoid; the good or uncomfortable feeling you may experience when you enter a room. Everyone has these intuitions and senses and we’re often glad when we’ve paid them attention (to avoid mishaps, and accidents).

Becoming aware of these sensitivities is the first step to encourage their development, (otherwise they remain dormant). I’ve been focusing on them for a while (which could be the source of my animal interactions). I can’t explain it, but it feels right and I now let my gut determine my actions. 

My spiritual mentor, Rev. Lisa Johnson, along with Podcasts of spiritual leaders, mystics and shamanic practitioners have taught me much of what I have learned, but my other teachers come through meditation. I listen and write down every word.

If you’re interested, try to meditate on your own gifts and ask the spirits what you need to know now. I encourage you to give it a try and write down your impressions. We are spiritual beings living human experiences.

Marguerite Jill Dye is an artist and writer who divides her time between Vermont and Florida.

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