On August 9, 2023

Poetry Is Power: Walk on the beach


Walking on the beach,

Leaving footprints in the sand,

The water taking them with it,

Leaving no trace behind.

But we must keep on going,

There is still more to learn,

Finding footprints in the sand,

From many days before,

May only be a dream.

Now that more has washed ashore,

It may leave us with a question,

One too hard to answer.

But our hearts seem to know,

Why mother nature washes away,

Our adventures from before.

Memories are something that happen only once in a lifetime,

Never to happen again,

But are to be kept in ones heart forever.

Though it can’t happen again,

You dream about your favorite memories,

Your walk on the beach,

And when it is next to come and happen once again.

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