On August 2, 2023

Poetry is Power: Nature’s musical ballet

Flowing over rocks and stones,

Crystal clear,

Beautiful, too,

Singing its song of love to you.

Gurgling and swishing,

Then the birds join in,

Little tweets and chirps of happiness,

All start blending in.

To a beautiful song of nature,

The wind starts to blow,

Rustling the tree’s leaves,

Creating a beautiful scene.

Nature’s beautiful music in the background,

Making the leaves dance and twirl about,

As if they were performing a ballet for you.

A ballet of joy and happiness,

Of kindness and love,

Nature is doing this all for you,

And for others listening, too.

You could sit there all day,

With that beautiful ballet,

Looking deep into the water’s soul,

As the leaves blow away.

Pure with kindness,

Pure with love,

Water is beautiful,

Like geese flying in the starry night sky,

Like the sound of joy,

Fluttering around like a playful butterfly.

Laughter joins in,

Making the song even sweeter,

This is nature’s music,

Nature’s ballet,

Nature’s musical ballet.

You can join in too,

You don’t have to be a good dancer,

Or even a good musician,

Just laugh and play,

Have fun,

Have hope,

Laugh and spread kindness,

Wherever you go,

Put bad things aside.

Listen to nature’s musical ballet,

Then join in.Poetry 

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