On June 30, 2023

Something worth saying yes to


I’m sure you can all relate to the experience of driving in your car , where your thoughts are a thousand miles away and far from the present moment. Then something sudden or unexpected happens on the road — someone hits the brakes in front of you, or maybe you didn’t see the lights turn green and the person behind you toots their horn, giving you the combination of a mild shock and a boost of adrenaline. Maybe you have had  a near miss? 

In these kinds of circumstances, a split second can turn a situation into either a near miss or a catastrophic life event. 

Another example is dreaming a beautiful dream that feels so vivid, so literal, only to be rudely awakened by the sound of an alarm clock. You don’t know what day it is or what you’re supposed to be doing. In an instant, you transition from  a sublime slumber to a jarring reality.

This is the feel of this week and whatever happens as a result, you’ll gain a new sense of your personal limitations. As you define your responsibilities and obligations, you’ll open yourself to something worth saying yes to.

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