On February 17, 2021

Who is perfect? Biden, Trump, McConnell, Pelosi?  

By Dr. Glenn Mollette

Democrats have proven once again that they can find fault in President Donald Trump. Faults and flaws were found in him before the election. Many years before politics there were never any rave reviews about him being perfect.

During the recent impeachment trial, Democrats and Republicans hammered home their perspectives and interpretation of Trump’s speech given on Jan. 6 to those who came to Washington to protest. Once again Americans either agreed or disagreed with the outcome of the impeachment trial.

Surely most Americans will agree there is no such thing as a perfect president. Was John F. Kennedy perfect? Was Richard Nixon perfect? Bush Sr. or Jr? Obama? Go back through history and you can’t find a perfect person sitting in the oval office. President Joe Biden is no exception. You may remember what the Bible says, “All have sinned.” Another verse says, “No one is righteous. No not one.”

There will never be a perfect president. Some will be better than others. Some will be much better and some will be much worse.

There are no perfect politicians. Do you think Nancy Pelosi is perfect? I don’t. Is Mitch McConnell perfect. He is not, nor are any of the other members of the House or the Senate. Some are better than others. Some try harder, work harder, try to live disciplined lives more than others. Some try to work harder for their districts better than others. Some are good moral people and excellent parents. Some may not be so great. Almost any politician will disappoint you, eventually. It’s bound to happen; they are imperfect people.

We have to come to grips with the fact that perfect people are not to be found. I thought my mom was pretty perfect but I’m very prejudiced when it comes to my mother. My heart would never allow me to see anything wrong with her. Love is like that. Love often sees no wrongs. Sometimes we are like this toward a child, grandchildren, a spouse, our minister, or priest. There are people that we often hold in such regard that even if they are doing something wrong and we know it’s wrong, our hearts have a hard time seeing that it’s wrong. Too often love is blind.

Americans want someone to love and respect. We want to be loved. We like holding people in high regard. The people we direct it to enjoy the feeling when we make them feel special. It’s all good to some extent. Truthfully though whoever you are enamored with will eventually disappoint you if you look and listen long enough. Human beings, all of us are capable, and often say the wrong thing. Use the wrong language. Get angry. Say hurtful things. Do things that are often regretted. We make mistakes in words we use and things we do. All of us.

As 2021 moves forward, so must we. Joe Biden is president of the United States. Donald Trump is very likely to run again. In the mean time we need to all stop biting each other and get this country healthy, back to work, back in the restaurants, churches and the kids back in school.

Dr. Glenn Mollette is a graduate of numerous schools including Georgetown College, Southern and Lexington Seminaries in Kentucky. Contact him at GMollette@aol.com. Learn more at glennmollette.com.  

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