On May 20, 2020

A deeper dive into the dark

By Cal Garrison, a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of an Aries Moon, on the eve of the Sun’s entrance into Gemini. By the time Wednesday rolls around, the light and airy energy that permeates the matrix when the Sun’s in the sign of the Twins will pave the way for a Gemini New Moon on Friday. Before things get too light and airy, let’s take one last dip into the deep end of the pool.

A few weeks ago I mentioned a horoscope that was the most difficult chart I have ever seen. Since I brought it up I have received requests from many readers, begging me to talk about what I saw in this chart. In the last few weeks I have gotten close to 100 messages with the same request.

Because there seemed to be such an interest in it, I got permission from the woman whose life this involves to share a bit of her story with you. I am including excerpts from it here, so that those of you who wrote to me wanting to know about it, can get a feel for how intense some people’s lives really are. What follows is a transcript of an email I wrote to her when she asked me to help her understand a few things. If you’re not in the mood for the hard stuff, skip on to your weekly forecast (left).

“OK, where to start? Please understand that I am using the aspects to examine correspondences and draw conclusions based on how certain bodies interact. These are my interpretations – it’s what I have to work with. Nothing that I am about to write is absolute – but it is the best I can do with that I know and what I see. I will list things, and record the aspects that led me to draw each conclusion.

Lucifer square Siva

“Satanic/Luciferian forces have been/are your undoing. It is through the forces of darkness that you learn your hardest lessons. In these areas you are destroyed, or brought down to nothing, and reborn. The midpoint of this aspect is the ascending/descending axis (7 Virgo/7 Pisces). This means that these dark forces play out in your everyday reality. It also means that ultimately having to reckon with these things will teach you a lot about healing. Not many people have the opportunity to go down this road. Yes, it is intense, dark, and dangerous, but none of us is ever given more than we can handle. Your situation is teaching you about things that at this point are coming to the surface all over the planet. What you gather through direct experience will gift you with the knowledge and the ability to help many people.

Dionysus, Circe, Sisyphus, Arachne, Vulcanus, Eros, Persephone conjunct South Node in 11, squaring Pluto, opposing Ophelia: It’s hard to know what to make of this cluster of bodies on the South Node, but let me see if I can get the gist of it. The South Node is the past life inlet. It shows me what kind of energy permeated your previous life conditions. I see Dionysus; this is an indication that there is addiction/excess, in your background. Taken to the limit? It indicates that you may have been connected to the cult of Dionysus (look it up) in a previous incarnation. In a nutshell, the Dionysian cults were involved with excess, addiction, alcohol, cannibalism, orgiastic sex, pedophilia, and human sacrifice. These practices go back a long way.

The fact that the South Node is in Cancer implies that you were raised in this cult, (i.e. your parents were into it) and you were probably roped in against your will, and victimized by it. With Eros involved in the aspect pattern, the erotic component gets showcased, confirming pictures of sexual abuse. It could even be that you were trafficked by people who enslaved you, sexually: with Persephone part of the picture this is a possibility.

The fact that the South Node is in the 11th House implies that you had to go along with the program either because you were born into it, or because there was no escape, and your survival depended on your ability to play along.

The square to Ophelia suggests that there was an over-exposure to sex at an age when you were too young to be sexually active – and that it drove you crazy. It may have even driven you to suicide.

Moon conjunct Vesta

We could entertain the idea that you might have been a willing participant or a ring-leader in these activities, but the Moon-Vesta conjunction implies that you were ‘sacrificed by your mother,’ meaning, groomed for these activities by her, or sold into slavery by her. This theme carries over into this life, meaning that your wellbeing has always played second fiddle to whatever your mother’s issues involved.

Borasisi conjunct Lucifer and Hidalgo, opposite Demeter, Atlantis, Osiris, and Eurydice – all square Siwa, Tisiphone, Uranus, Poseidon, and Cupido: Borasisi is the lowest, darkest form of deceit; Lucifer is Satan. In a conjunction? If you can add 2 + 2 this is about as low as you can go – very dark energy. Conjunct Hidalgo? Hidalgo is that about which we cannot speak; unspeakable things. This could imply that the dark unspeakable things have a dash of voo doo. It’s quite obvious that your mother treated you like an object.

With Osiris involved in the pattern? Osiris is a death indicator – as well as an indicator of resurrection and rebirth. In my conversations with you, you have mentioned that the hellish stuff with your kids began around the time that their father was murdered. Interestingly, Eurydice is here too. Among other things, Eurydice has direct ties to Orpheus (the God of death), and to Hades (The Lord of Hell). Eurydice’s presence in the aspect pattern adds more weight to the darkness that is already too much to bear in your chart.

Transiting Hades conjunct the South Node – Dionysus stellium – this conjunction is an indication that all of the darkness from the past is being dredged up and released. In the process, all Hell is breaking loose. The chaos and fear and all of the negative spiritual energy that is shaking up your family, stems from the presence of Hades on the Tribal Axis. Hades has a slow rate of motion.

You need to make peace with the idea that simple solutions won’t work here – liberation could be a long time coming.”

I could go on with this interpretation but this is enough for now. In 50 years as a working astrologer I have never seen anything like it.

Not many people have the opportunity to see what lies ‘Down past the bottom.’ Few of us get to bear witness to the unspeakable. It takes a highly enlightened soul to make that journey: one has to be incredibly strong, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to survive the trip.

We are living at a time when the deepest dregs of the heart of darkness are leaking to the surface. The woman in question is a warrior spirit whose direct experience with unspeakable, unimaginable things is providing her with a school of hard knocks degree that will bless her with enough knowledge about these things to work with and heal the legions of souls whose lives have been destroyed by them. Within three years, if she makes it through the gauntlet, eats her karma, and keeps the faith, I am pretty sure that she will become an authority on the subject of what happens when it’s time to know exactly what it takes to “Send the Devil Back to Hell.” Let me leave you with that and invite you to take what you can from this week’s ‘scopes.

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