On January 22, 2020

The will of the people

by Cal Garrison

This week’s horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Sagittarius Moon. The big news this week is that the Sun changes signs, entering Aquarius at 9:35 a.m. on Jan. 20.

For those of you who are wondering, “Will there be any big changes now that Aquarius is at the wheel?” Dollars to doughnuts there will be more than a few. Aquarius happens to be ruled by Uranus, the most change-oriented planet in the solar system; revolutionary forces are governed by this archetype. You can bet that themes of upheaval will show up all over the place.

A case in point would be that the Brits will officially leave the European Union when the BREXIT bill gets signed into law on Jan. 31. Keep an eye on the world news on, and around that date.

It might be good to take notice of the weather during this time frame too. Why? If Uranus rules the revolutionary impulse, it is also there in full force when there are extreme weather conditions: lightning, thunder, volcanic activity, blizzards, earthquakes, tsunamis, and tornadoes all come under its influence.

Before Uranus was discovered, Saturn was the official ruler of Aquarius. After 1781, both planets had something to say about how this sign operates. If I say Uranus rules Aquarius, keep in mind that the sign is co-ruled by Saturn. What’s fascinating about this is that the two planets are like night and day; they express themselves in totally different ways. This is why you will find that there are two types of Aquarians: the Saturnine type, and the Uranian type.

When it comes to the Saturnine type, what I have noticed is this; these people are straight as an arrow. They follow the rules, adhere to the status quo, and do everything that is expected of them.

I used to think that this brand of Aquarian had nothing going on, and that all of them were just part of a big, boring, straight-shooting herd. Over time I have learned not to judge any book by its cover. Deep down inside the Saturnine type of Aquarian is very much into creating a new and better world. Their approach to that process appears to be dull and unimaginative because in their hearts they believe that the best way to change the world is to stick to the plan, and remain loyal to the tried and true, standards, traditions, and institutions of the past; everything on that list is ruled by Saturn.

The Uranian type of Aquarian is a totally different animal. Every other planet spins around the sun on a vertical axis. The only planet in the solar system that has a horizontal axis, Uranus spins at right angles to all of them.

Aquarian’s who display these Uranian characteristics are nonconformists who break all the rules. They are the weirdos and the loners who always and in everything do their own thing. If it appears as if they are there to shock us, or shove their differences in everyone’s face, that is not the case; they are just being themselves. These types do everything sideways.  Any way you slice it, Aquarius is the visionary archetype. As our sun enters this stretch of the zodiac, this is the point in the yearly cycle where our visions for the future come to life. How we decide to manifest those visions is our own business. It doesn’t matter if we do everything in our power to preserve what’s good about all of this, or if we choose to rock the boat and rebuild everything from the ground up. The point is, things will work out better if we come together with the understanding that it’s time to create a new and better world.

Instead of pecking away at our differences, and arguing about all the stuff that separates us into factions, would it be possible for us to see that we’re all human, and that at rock bottom we all want the same thing? The will of the people comes down to what each of us as individuals has the capacity to envision. Those dreams are the matrix that our reality is woven upon.

With the sun vibrating at the Aquarian frequency, could we embrace the fact that our private visions are like drops of water pouring out of the water bearers’ vessel? Each drop contributes to a stream of energy that will ultimately flow out to renew this Earth, return all of humanity to unity consciousness, and restore our individual and collective souls with the waters of life. Let me leave you with that and invite you to take what you can from this week’s ‘scopes.


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