On August 9, 2018

Good things come in pairs

By Becca Zidik

Good things come in pairs, especially wine. Hailing from Espagne, Hammeken Cellars of Alicante has produced Becca Zidik_Headeran array of specialized wine since 1996. Specifically, Flor del Montgó Tempranillo and Flor del Montgó Verdejo: sisters from a slightly different mister … well, family of grapes. The Tempranillo, a black grape originating in Spain, comes from a long lineage of family ties, sorry, vines! 45 years to be exact. Each batch is carefully selected during the later weeks of September to give it that fruity, toasted flavor, and dark ruby red color. It’s almost like a warm summer s’more made with strawberries and dark chocolate all wrapped up into a perfectly sized glass.

Let us not forget our other Flor del Montgo family member: Verdejo! This beauty also has a fine family lineage from Spain, but is a little younger. Originating from 20-year-old vines, this white variety is only harvested at night making it our favorite night owl. Because of this process, all of the aromas of lime, grapefruit, and minerals along with zesty acidity are neatly preserved in a perfect package, or bottle for that matter. Was it mentioned that since this is 2018, the best part is that both wine varieties are 100 percent organic! You can taste both at The Foundry in Killington this weekend.

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