On January 16, 2018

The chaos and fury of a tweeting fox

By Marguerite Jill Dye

One day last August I was stupefied when words spilled from my pen without pause or thought, as fast as I could write them down. When I reread what I’d written, I was confused and afraid that such words had poured out. I could only imagine they must have come from having studied Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s “Letter to the Russian Leaders.” Where did the following shocking warning come from? Certainly not from my higher self. Due to its negativity and my own fear, I chose not to share this message with you until now:

Aug. 27, 2017

These are bizarre and calamitous times we are living in. The malevolent ones are taking America down. Their hearts are not in the right place, and their intentions are for the wrong reasons. The chaos is intentional. It is being orchestrated with precision. The rumors and chaos are intended to confuse and distract from what is going on behind closed doors. The bill that is about to be passed in the Senate now to do away with or unravel healthcare will have dire consequences. Millions of Americans will be unable to receive the care that they need and many of them will die. How much more dire can consequences be? The state of evildoers knows no limitations. That is why the Mueller investigations are so crucial. But they’ll do everything in their power to undermine the investigations so they can continue their reign as long as they can while weakening democracy and deconstructing the American state.

The longer people wait to pull their heads out of the sand, the greater and longer lasting, even permanent, the effects will be. These warnings have been ignored far too long. Perhaps some people will never wake up. So those who are knowledgeable and understand what these lawmakers are doing must act without hesitation. It is difficult to conceive of what could motivate such action and the psychological state that could cause such intention. How could anyone be raised to be so full of hatred with the goal to undo the good of humanity and their nation? How could anyone be raised to be so self-assured and selfish at the exclusion of all others? What kind of person would raise their child to have such values and look at the world through such evil eyes? This is the new American tragedy, my friends. The downfall of the United States of America is coming sooner than imagined.

What makes Americans so naïve? In the Old West the snake oil salesman pulled the wool over people’s eyes. Well, now you’ve done it … elected the snake oil salesman, followed by his family and gang of bandits and gamblers.

Why in the world would anyone trust such people? They have such evil selfish intention. You wonder about Russian meddling in the election. What of their meddling with the minds of Americans? There have been signs since the very beginning of their unethical dealings and methods of manipulation like the use of “gaslighting,” a form of mind control that causes people to doubt their own sanity and judgement. Yes, this is being modeled after the Russian state: deception, lies, distraction, misinformation, treachery, danger, and intrigue. The distractions are very effective for accomplishing what’s been set down. The Russian mob is nothing to play with. Their expertise far surpasses yours. They have such sophisticated techniques and unethical ways that they’re like negotiating with shapeshifters, far beyond what Americans understand. It’s a totally different way of thinking. Bannon and Trump did it.

Some of your leaders are too far gone. They’ve lost all sense of connection with the good of the American people and why they were elected. Some of your leaders are just going along for the ride, getting a thrill with the power. They’re holding onto Trump’s coattails to propel themselves ahead, cut their own taxes, and gain financial rewards. There are a lot of business dealings that the highfalutin people are benefiting from that you’ll probably never get to the bottom of. Watergate was like a pail of water compared to this very deep well. Bannon’s in the back room hiding now because the people can’t stand to see him orchestrating much of this. This is a sad state of affairs. Some of it will never be undone. America, as you have known it, is on the way out. And what is replacing it is the shop of horrors. It’s like a carnival mirror that offers different views as it disorients and confuses. Everyone has a different idea of what’s going on.

Even the House and Senate are confused by the momentum and pressure. It appears many are passing bills with ruthless consequences they haven’t fully considered, studied, or read. May God help the United States of America, because that is certainly the help that you need in this state of emergency with such corrupt ones at the helm. It’s like electing the devil to lead you.”

The problem is that if we’re in the muck, too low to pull ourselves out or effectively counteract the daily injustices and shocking news, then by our inaction and unwilling acquiescence, we are aiding the enemy. How long can this war go on, this war against the American spirit?

They’ve been duped and I wonder when they’ll realize it’s too late to undo his undoing. Are so many really unaware of how 45’s behavior and daily abuse have poisoned our nation? Won’t it be fascinating to see how the Mueller investigation of Russian collusion in our election plays out? Every week, more pieces are falling into place.

Jan. 20, the anniversary of the Women’s March, the largest march in our nation’s history on the day after Trump’s inauguration, Americans and people all over the world will gather to march together. We’ll march for democracy, human rights, social justice, health care, truth, and equality for all. From Washington D.C. to San Francisco, Montpelier (weprotest.org) to Las Vegas, Paris, to Hamburg, we will march for the People, to empower women and youth, #MeToo, Dreamers, the Constitution, the press, and responsible environmental action. It’s up to each and every one of us to say “Yea” to the candidates of our choice after carefully studying their positions. Think for yourself. It’s the American way!

Marguerite Jill Dye is an artist and writer who divides her time between Vermont and Florida.

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