On July 2, 2015

BTC participant reflections

Barb Wood

If you had asked me six weeks ago what I would be thinking about this Body Transformation Challenge after week five, I might have told you that I probably would be hating it. But those who know me would know better. I am a competitor. This challenge has really awakened a part of me that has been silent for too many years, decades, honestly. It has awaken the person who loved to be coached at sports. I love the camaraderie that being physically active alongside others brings. First and foremost: it brings me joy. The laughter, the sweat and tears and the feeling of accomplishment are all important to being happy in life.

As I wrap up the final week I feel charged up for how much easier working out has become. I push myself every workout and find that it is so much easier than it was “before.” It took a solid four weeks to really hit a groove. I equate it to a jumbo-jet taking off. A lot of energy is required to get that huge body moving and off the ground! There is a forward momentum now that I do not plan on stopping.

Newton’s First Law of Motion: “A body at rest will remain at rest and a body at motion will stay in motion unless otherwise acted upon.” No more outside forces are going to get in my way. I’ve made my choice. I’m in motion and plan to stay that way. What’s your choice?

Suzanne Ellis – Leonard

What a positive experience this Body Transformation Challenge has been! I am thrilled with my successes not only in overall weight loss, strength gains and toning but in the overall understanding of how to properly use nutrition to fuel my athletic body and self! This is certainly not the end of this journey for me! I’m going to continue on this new found path to become the healthiest person I can be hopefully supporting others in doing the same. I will continue with using the suggested apps to keep my eye on the percentages of fat, protein and carbs that I’m eating each day. I have set yet another weight loss goal and I believe that if I use what I’ve learned and remain with my new habits that I’ll continue to lose 8-10 pounds per month until I look at myself in the mirror and see that strong Suzanne is back to stay! I love the “new habits” I’ve created! My weekly grocery list has been revised to include kale, spinach, eggs, seafood, cabbage, blueberries and whole foods. I drink a carb-rich kale smoothie with blueberries within a half an hour of waking each morning which boosts my energy for my morning exercise. I’m now a believer in carb-cycling, which has worked to increase my metabolism. I plan/prepare my food each day and take into consideration if it’s a low- or high-carb day. Each day I have nutritious food available to eat every three hours. You’ll even see me with my insulated food bag which holds “the good stuff” so I won’t be tempted by quick convenience foods. Also always by my side is my half gallon water container which I fill up usually 2-3 times a day and add lemons for added refreshment! Many people have asked how I exercise or work out for three-plus hours a day and continue to “work” for a living. I’ve learned the importance of planning. Just like I schedule real estate appointments and showings, I schedule my exercise and put it on my calendar. It looks like this: 5:45 a.m. walk, 6 a.m. Bootcamp, 12-1 p.m. swim, 5:30-7:30 p.m. bike ride, etc. I’ll continue to use the facilities that generously donated their space for our program. Thank you to Bikram Yoga, Killington BootCamp, and the Pico Sports Center because exercise makes my day stress-free and helps me focus on my work and life goals! I also want to personally thank Beth Roberts and Kyle Finneron for all the suppport you have given to me! And to all of the people who have given me not only their support but friendship and love! And to my husband, Jeff, whose compliments energize me (and for liking all my new recipes especially the cauliflower crust pizza!)

This week as we celebrate Independence Day, I am reminded of this program’s theme: “Lose your weight, gain your independence.”

I plan on continuing the progress I have made and I’m looking to reach my “forever weight” this autumn. If I lose 10 pounds each month for July, August the September that will be 30 more pounds lost. Really? Really.

Meg Dennison

I had a moment of panic this week: Oh my gosh, the Challenge is almost over and I’m not done yet! Though my clothes are looser and I feel stronger, I still have another 17 pounds to reach my goal! But I reassured myself of progress by noting that I’ve only seen the number on the scale go down since the beginning of the year — no see-saw of losing and gaining, only a downward trend. I think simply keeping track of what I eat every single day is one key to success. The Lose-It app allows me to see my calories and nutrition over the week, so even if I went over my calories for one day, I still had a deficit for the week and see where I didn’t have the carb/protein balance for a day quite right. I’ve also felt a change in my mindset about “releasing” weight, and accepting my body just as it is — not criticizing it or complaining about how hard it is to lose weight at my age (so boring!!!).

Chandler Burgess

I am actually pretty amazed at how my eating habits have changed and the positive effect that it has had on my body. The Body Transformation Challenge has changed my taste for food. I actually crave raw and healthy food options over highly processed food products. Sure, every once in a while I fall off the wagon, but a big difference now is I bounce right back on the healthy food train. I am feeling good!

Justin “Koko” Restreppo

This week was a good week. Staying to my same weekly routine of eating all meals and mainly focusing on a solid breakfast. Can feel my body taking a good feel if I don’t eat junk food and stay to my routine. Still no alcohol through the start of the Transformation. Enjoying the all day energy and more alert and sharpness of my mind from eating healthy and drinking a lot of water.

Jim Haff

We are now starting week six of this six-week program. My week has been going well and I’m kind of settling into the routine at this time. I’ve lost 25 pounds and I’m sure some inches to my waist, too. The Challenge is coming to an end but I’m thinking ahead for the next 6-8 weeks I have plenty of room to lose another 25 pounds and a little more. This Challenge is just what I needed to get me motivated!

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