On June 26, 2015

Becoming “perfect self:” Group reflections on week #5

Suzanne Ellis–Leonard

I am focusing on the young naturally athletic girl I once knew named Suzanne. Once I reach my goal, she’ll be back except this time she’ll have more worldly experiences under her belt (minus the “muffin top”) and a better insight on what life is truly all about.  I see the new and improved Suzanne doing anything that she wants to do and more. She is vibrant, healthy and sees the glass as always being half full! Just a few weeks in and I’m already feeling super charged! I have focused on the task, I have made radical changes in my eating habits and will continue on this new found path — FOREVER! P.S. I love my weekly runs to Salvation Army to donate the clothes that no longer fit me!

Chandler Burgess

I am a visual person so when I think about the ideal fitness level I identify with, it’s Laird Hamilton. Laird is a big-wave surfer and super-fit human being. His body has the attributes of a lean, strong and natural physique. So my goal is to eventually have my body resemble a loose interpretation of lean, strong and natural. If I woke up tomorrow and my body was transformed into a “Chandler” version of Laird Hamilton I would definitely do a couple things differently. First, I would probably go shopping for some new clothes – no sense in hiding that human body awesomeness in some oversized duds. Second, I would put extra effort into my fitness and nutrition. You can’t let the gift of an instant healthy body go to waste! Third, I would get a tan – the world does not need more pasty redheads running around shirtless. Yes, I know I have a way to go, but it is great to have goals.

Jim Haff

The group was asked this week to “think about our ideal body/fitness level.” If we woke up with that body, how would our lives would be different? I would say my ideal body/ fitness level would be one that is different than today. If I could wake up to my ideal body/fitness level it would be where I was 20 years ago, at the age of 34, able to do anything I wanted to do and at the same time eat whatever I wanted to eat with no repercussions, such as weight gain, which in turn leads to fitness level dropping. So while thinking about being 34 again, I realize after four weeks of this challenge it will not be tomorrow that I will get back in that condition… rather by sticking with what I’m doing now I can get back in shape with just a few minor changes and patience. It will take dedication and time.

Barb Wood

“If” is a powerful word. What would life be like IF I were at my ideal fitness level? How would things be different IF I were at an ideal weight? What would my wardrobe look like IF I were thinner? It is time to turn that around and think beyond the IF in life.

Imagine the joy of being able to walk into any clothing store and buy clothes off the rack? Imagine the excitement of skiing/biking/hiking/paddling for as long as you desired? Imagine less trips to the doctors because you are a specimen of optimal health? Imagine having the body of a 20-year-old but the knowledge of 50-year-old? That sounds pretty awesome to me!

I look forward to being wiped out at the end of the day because of hours of fun outside. I think about folks my age (and some significantly older) who will ski moguls — all day long! I think about my 70-year-old parents who ski every day in the winter and bike most days the rest of the year. Wow! They really earn sleep every night. I want to earn that kind of good night’s sleep.

I have to envision myself now the way I want to be. I am already planning for activity that is more spontaneous. Suzanne has a bag ready to go in her car at all times.  I am going to do the same. The racks and toys are going on the car. So whether it is a hike up the Stone Steps or a paddle around Kent Pond or Chittenden Reservoir, I will be ready!

Body transformation has to be forward thinking. It is not easy so I MUST imagine life the way I want it to be. Now it is time to go out and play!

Justin “Koko” Restreppo

When considering my ideal body fitness, I have decided that I would like to be more active and on a 3-4 day a week routine. That helps make me more energized on a daily basis. It also helps me not to get lazy on days when I’m not working or golfing.

My ideal weight would be somewhere between 200 and 220… I only say that because I would like to achieve that goal and see if I could go lower in the future. Life would be different, obviously, because ridding myself of all the extra weight would make me more capable. I believe that could make me feel more lively again.

Meg Dennison

Perfect Body Haiku Series

My perfect body

Rides Vermont Alps without care

Heart pumping with ease

Body perfectly

Metabolizing lipids

Arteries run clear

Glutes, abs, hams, flexors

Loosening with hot yoga

Bend, stretch, warm and heal

Perfect body makes

Exercise fun all the time

No extra weight here

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