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Your weekly horoscopes, Oct. 18 – 24, 2023


March 21 – April 20

Ideas and images that are imposed on all of us about what love should be isn’t always real. For each of us, love is universal but it’s also different. Right now, you’re figuring out what it is you actually need in relationships. You might be surprised to realize that you need something that is vastly different than what you have now. This doesn’t have to mean the end, but you may need to rewrite the script about how to move forward.


July 21 – August 20

The recent solar eclipse may have revealed issues in communication for you. Try as you might to get it right, things may not be going in the direction you wanted. What to do? Rather than pushing your perspectives onto others, consider if yours are worth pushing. It was your light that was blocked after all. Is there something you’re not seeing or maybe you just don’t want to see it. Self-reflection is the most beneficial thing you can do for yourself now.


November 21 – December 20

Some friends, groups or networks in your life are going to reveal themselves. As they do, you’ll reconsider the value they have in your life moving forward. Some will be kindred spirits, ride or die allies. While others, you’ll recognize they’ve had their season in your life. It’s time for you to focus on the alliances you have that truly support you, even when you’re busy and can’t give them the attention they deserve. If they stick around, value them!


April 21 – May 20

If you’re feeling over this timeline, I don’t blame you. You’re so much more than just getting to work on time and making sure the bills are paid. Though, pay them you must. Along the way, it’s important to not forget joy and to have experiences that open your heart. As cliché as it has become, living, laughing and loving is honestly all we have. If you’re not making that a priority, then you need to reconsider how you’re spending your life.


August 21 – September 20

You really are such a giver. Perhaps a better description is a doer or a helper. Every now and then though, you may feel that the number of deposits you make exceeds withdrawals. That may be great in finance, but what about other areas of life? Emotional and financial entanglements need reassessing. Don’t cling on to a mistake just because you spent a long time making it. Know when to cut your losses in order to find peace within yourself again.


December 21 – January 21

It can be disappointing to reach a peak in life and realize it didn’t reveal all that you wanted it to. Right now, you may be feeling overlooked or overshadowed in a professional situation. Don’t cut your nose off despite your face. Instead, lean on your long-game modus operandi and wait a situation out. If something is meant for you, it will come back around. If not, then let it go and move on. That is how you remain balanced and empowered.


May 21 – June 20

A sign of maturity is that you’re not spending your weekends the same way as you did ten or twenty years ago. As the seasons of life change, so does the way you experience fun. One season, it’s drinking until 3am and in different season it’s celebrating your kids’ achievements. Whatever it is, if you’re feeling you need to rearrange the way you enjoy life’s most simple pleasures, then you’d be right. Your season is changing so you need to change with it.


September 21 – October 20

How does it feel to be embracing more selfishness? How does it feel to make decisions that feel right for you regardless of other people’s opinions? I hope you’re feeling a sense of empowerment. It’s not easily to break ingrained habits. Especially if those habits relate to how you give and receive love. Right now, the only relationship you need to be investing into is the one you have with yourself. Focus on you and everything else will work itself out.


January 21 – February 20

Life is a buffet of options, choices and decisions for you now. Travel, study, mysteries of the Universe – all of it is being revealed to you now. Your challenge, if you choose it, is to let go of all that you’ve been taught and told and open up to a new perspective – an entire new outlook. This eclipse season is helping you prepare for profound and permanent changes. Embrace it now and it will be easier when those changes arrive again soon.


June 21 – July 20

You can try and patch up issues of communication or logistics in family matters. Or, you can just throw the whole template out and start again. You do your best to keep things balanced at home and keep everyone happy. We are in the middle of eclipses and you’re more sensitive than usual. It’s hard to keep balance when the scales aren’t calibrated correctly. This week, do what you need to do to keep on an even keel. Even if that means upsetting the apple cart.


October 21 – November 20

If you’ve been plagued by sleepless nights, vivid dreams or psychic occurrences, then you’re right where you need to be now. One the one hand, you’re ready for action and feel determined to implement whichever goals you’ve set for yourself. While on the other, there is a nagging call to continue to reflect and reveal your inner landscape. Why do they have to be mutually exclusive? Your dreams are revealing the next steps. It’s your mission to answer the call.


February 21 – March 20

Life is about entanglements with other people, both the living and the dead. Love and money are a part of the picture. Even the ancestral inheritance isn’t excluded from this. The recent eclipse may have revealed something you’ve yet to consider. Whether it’s the rising or falling of fortunes, life in this area is about new beginnings and endings simultaneously. Some may be bittersweet, while others, absolutely beautiful. It’s all part of the circle of life.


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