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Why we are not moving to Vt

Dear Editor,

Editor’s note: this is an open letter to Gov. Scott and Vermont Fish & Wildlife.

My husband and I are hoping to relocate to New England next year. Vermont was our first choice. However, in researching the state’s regulations governing wildlife, we decided, regrettably, Vermont was not for us.

My husband and I specialize in resolving human-wildlife conflicts (even rodents) humanely and ethically. We plan to continue our work wherever we move, but Vermont is not suitable.

The lack of laws governing the “take” of wildlife, especially those deemed a “nuisance,” makes it a free-for-all. No regulation, no limits (and no revenue). Anyone can set a trap for a fee, drown or bludgeon a mother raccoon and her cubs, with no accountability, no record of the loss of life. Senseless annihilation of wild animals that should have protection under the Public Trust Doctrine. Not in Vermont.

I am shocked that Vermont is so backward when it comes to wildlife. Massachusetts, on the other hand, is much more progressive.

In Massachusetts, the barbaric leg-hold trap is prohibited, as are snares and body-gripping traps; drowning is illegal; and hunting and trapping seasons, for the most part, protect wildlife during breeding season.

Vermont is known for being “green” and progressive — but no, it’s blood-red when it comes to its wildlife laws. So unfortunate.

It’s hard to believe Vermont allows such animal cruelty. Time for a change.

I hope this letter speaks to others who will help change Vermont’s wildlife laws and regulations for the better.

Rebecca Dmytryk, Royal Oaks, Calif.

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