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A public education Vermonters support and value

May 22, 2024
By Margaret MacLean Editor’s note: Margaret MacLean, from Peacham, has been an educator for 50 years, working as a teacher, school principal and consultant both in Vermont, the U.S. and internationally. Over the past 14 years Vermont has enacted three sweeping school district consolidation laws. The overarching goals of Act 153, Act 156, and Act…

Vermont’s lost submarine memorial

May 22, 2024
Dear Editor, At the Veteran Administration (VA) in White River Jct, VT, there is a distinct memorial dedicated to the Submarine USS Flier (SS 250) lost during World War II.  Ever mindful of our lost shipmates, friends and family that have served in the submarine service of our country, the U.S. Submarine Veterans, Inc. (USSVI)…

H.121 poses significant risk to Vermont’s business community

May 22, 2024
Dear Editor, As the CEO of the Vermont Country Store (VCS), I strongly support consumer privacy as does the Vermont Chamber of Commerce and many peer companies in the state. I wholeheartedly endorse the Connecticut law that was the foundation of H.121. However, as passed it is my hope that Governor Scott will veto H.121.…

Vermont’s outsize appetite for taxes

May 22, 2024
Dear Editor, Most Vermont taxpayers have just experienced a period of tax focus, specifically property taxes to support our public schools. Some communities are still going through the valuable public debate about property taxes and, more generally, the overall tax burden and trying to evaluate that relative to what we receive for our tax dollars.…

Please vote ‘yes’ for the Slate Valley budget

May 22, 2024
Dear Editor, On May 30, voters will be asked to go to the polls for the fourth time to approve the 2024-2025 Slate Valley Unified Union School District (SVUUSD) budget of $30,810,135. This budget is unchanged since the last budget vote. We are maintaining the same spending figure because we believe that this is the…

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Tell the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to protect the Connecticut River

May 15, 2024
Dear Editor, It has been 12 years since the relicensing process began for five hydroelectric facilities on the Connecticut River, and until May 22, there is an opportunity to comment to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).  The last time these hydro facilities were licensed was in 1979, and once the new licenses are issued,…

UVM, don’t punish student protesters

May 15, 2024
Dear Editor, As a pastor, I feel it is my professional and moral responsibility to speak to the crisis of conscience facing our nation and state. As of this writing, the civilian death toll in Gaza stands at around 34,654 according to Gaza’s Ministry of Health. A third of these casualties are children. I do…

Act 127 made progress;but Excess Spending Threshold could undermine it

May 8, 2024
Dear Editor, As the Chair of the Burlington School District (BSDVT) School Board, I am fortunate to witness firsthand the profound impact of educational policies on our diverse community. Among these policies, Act 127 stands out as a beacon of progress in our continuous effort to achieve equity and finally address the inequity across Vermont’s…

Bird Flu threatens nation’s dairy supply

May 8, 2024
Dear Editor, The deadly flu virus is not just “for the birds” anymore! The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has just decreed that dairy cows must be tested for the deadly bird flu, which has already killed millions of chickens in the U.S. The unprecedented transmission of the H5N1 virus to cows has…

Support the Slate Valley Unified School District

May 8, 2024
Dear Editor, With another vote coming up for the Slate Valley Unified School District I am writing to appeal to “Yes” voters and those on the fence to please turn out and vote. Our district will need over 1,000 “Yes” votes, or around 200 per town to effectively pass our school budget, on this third try. We…

Bernie Sanders announces run forre-election to U.S. Senate

May 8, 2024
Dear Editor, Editor’s note: Senator Bernie Sanders, 82, (I-Vermont) announced May 6 that he will seek a fourth term to the U.S. Senate. His time in the Senate, along with his previous 16 years in the House of Representatives, makes him the longest-serving independent Member of Congress in American history. What follows is an excerpt from…

Gregory Thayer announces candidacyfor lieutenant governor

May 8, 2024
Dear Editor, My name is Gregory Thayer and in Fall of 2024, I am a candidate for the position of Lieutenant Governor of this great state of Vermont.   Every Vermonter needs to know that with the current leadership in Montpelier, the future of Vermont looks bleak, and traveling down a stormy road. My goal is…

Lieutenant Governor David Zuckermanannounces bid for re-election

May 8, 2024
Dear Editor, With 24 years of public service experience, I’m not done fighting for Vermonters, which is why I’m seeking re-election in 2024. I will use this campaign as an opportunity to discuss key issues with folks impacted by the state’s most difficult challenges. This is a critical moment for our state. Vermont is becoming…

Chris Brown announces candidacy for Vt House

May 1, 2024
Dear Editor, I’m Chris Brown and I’m running to represent Castleton in the Vermont House of Representatives. I’m proud and excited at the prospect of representing the citizens of my hometown in the Legislature. I’m a lifelong resident of Castleton and a 10 generation Vermonter. I feel my decades of business experience and my Republican…

Joys of being outside, fishing

May 1, 2024
Dear Editor, Yesterday was so magnificent. Found myself again spiritually through the power of being in nature. Plenty of places along the way to stop and throw a line but fell to the wanderization of what lay ahead. Just curious if I could get to the bend that I could see ahead. I wondered about…

Why we should all supportAct 127

May 1, 2024
Dear Editor, In Vermont we hold the belief that every child should have access to an equitable education. Though this promise is a constitutional right, in reality it’s been challenging to fulfill given the outdated funding mechanisms that have historically governed our schools. As a member of both the Burlington School Board and the Coalition…

Barstow’s local school budget and Vermont’s school funding are two separate issues

April 24, 2024
Dear Editor,  Next week is once again, “Super Tuesday.” On April 30, 11 towns will hold their second school budget vote in hopes of getting voters to the polls. It is clear that the people of Vermont are making a statement to Montpelier that the way in which schools are funded is not sustainable. Across the state,…

Where is the equity?

April 24, 2024
Dear Editor, In Morrisville, a recent Front Porch Forum post reads: “Vote down the school budget! They don’t want to just survive, they want to thrive.” Is this really where we are in 2024? Are Vermonters really ready to let our most vulnerable children be the victims of state level politics? The Brigham Decision was…

Act 127 was overdue and is good law

April 17, 2024
Dear Editor, Vermont stands as a beacon of community values. Yet, beneath this facade, our education system has harbored inequities for decades that undermine these very principles. Enter Act 127 — a legislative commitment to Vermont’s constitutional guarantee for equity, opportunity and fairness for every child in our state. For decades, Vermont’s education funding system, while…

S.258 is a very bad bill

April 17, 2024
Dear Editor, Under political pressure from animal rights groups, in coordination with a national organization, Senate bill S.258 was passed and is now in the House. This bill would remove the authority for rulemaking from the Vermont Fish and Wildlife board (Board) and transfer it to the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife. This moves…