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Where does your wealth lie

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Leo Moon, with aspects that could actually give us a reason to show up for work this morning. In the wake of whatever our holiday madness consisted of, a Grand Fire Trine between Saturn, Uranus, and the Moon, should make it easier to get back in the saddle.

In and around this, many forces are in play. Some of them are easier to deal with than others. Jupiter is sitting on the Moon’s North Node and Mercury is trining both points. This tells me that we are going to be able to find enough meaning in our everyday activities to make whatever we are doing seem as if there might be a purpose to it. For the next few days we will be able to connect with the thought that there is a method to all of this madness, and that somehow or other, we are part of it.

Money is a huge issue right now. The post holiday pillage and plunder is being heavily underscored by a waxing square between Venus and Astraea. The idea that we are totally tapped out is surfacing in our private realities, and at the collective level as well. None of us came here to run back and forth between the mall and the ATM; think about it. As the money meme continues to spiral down the tubes, it would be good for all of us to think about where our wealth really lies.

The planet Venus governs money and love, so the Venus-Astraea square will have an impact on our relationships as well. We could talk about this one for hours. For now, let’s just say that all of us are reconfiguring the way we do our relationships. It’s our beliefs about these things that screw us up. If you can’t figure out what’s going on in that department, be as patient as you can with yourself and others as you find ways to adjust to things that don’t need to come to an end if you can change them creatively. With Mars sitting at the midpoint of Venus and the Moon’s North Node, the sexual component could get amped up, and assist in this process, one way or another.

Every time I write these intros I question my sanity, because it’s impossible to make mass predictions; every astrologer knows this. This week, I am questioning the whole ball of wax, because I came totally unglued over the holiday and have been processing a huge chunk of my own “stuff” these last few days. Whenever this happens I ask myself, “What gives me the right to say ‘Boo’ about anything? You’re a total basket case, for God’s sake!”

With any luck, this could make things more interesting because I am still in my right mind. Let me leave you with that, along with this weeks’ ‘scopes, a big “Thank you” for being there, and bright blessings for the New Year.


2 comments on “Where does your wealth lie

  1. Cal,
    Thanks, always for your insignts and gifts. I also value your willingness to share about where you are now in your life, even a little bit.
    Years ago (whenever I felt I’d made a mistake, or was lacking in some way) a wise friend (now dead) used to say, “Oh, how *human* of you, Angela!” Those were valuable reminders, and a gift from her I still use today.
    I wish you the best for the coming year, and thank you for all you are, and do.

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