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Weekly Horoscopes for March 24-30, 2021

Horoscopes for March 24-30, 2021


March 21 – April 20

Updating your personal style, habits or attitudes are on the cosmic agenda this week. If you’ve been contemplating a new look, there is no time like the present. Spreading your social wings is also highlighted. If you’ve been hemmed in for too long by the weather, or by the state of affairs health-wise, it’s time for you to unleash the new you upon your friends and networks! As a new 18-month – two-year cycle begins, what you start this week will continue to unfold.


July 21 – August 20

Relationships of all kinds go through their ups and downs – that is a given! Despite your current circumstances, you’ve got the opportunity to reignite your personal passion and sense of purpose. You might be longing to travel far and wide again. While that egg is still hatching, catching up with your friends, communities and social networks may be just what you need right now. Connect with those who you know will keep your spirit lit and make you feel like the important person you are.


November 21 – December 20

The sense of joy and exuberance you’re renowned for may return this week. You might like to indulge in a personal hobby or creative outlet. More time spent with loved ones, including children and grandchildren is possible. Romance is also highlighted. So, whether you’re single or attached, a new cycle of excitement and joy arrives with someone worth getting to know better. If you’ve been lacking in some of life’s most simple pleasures, then it’s now time to remedy that situation.


April 21 – May 20

While the general vibe is onwards and upwards, you’re still in a process of deep contemplation of what this all means for you. The Sun and your sovereign star, Venus, join forces this week in the darkest corner of your solar horoscope. New realizations about yourself may arrive, along with the deep desire to escape from it all. If you can, take a little time out just for yourself this week. A staycation, a digital detox or diving into a spiritual pursuit may be just what you need now.


August 21 – September 20

With active Mars at the top of your chart, you might be ready to make waves at work, strike out in a new direction or show someone who’s boss! As a volatile and explosive energy takes shape, you might come at odds with a partner – at work or at home. You’ve got energy, motivation and momentum on your side right now. As the battle between your sharp logic and someone else’s emotions may clash, a compromise between differing desires may need to be made.


December 21 – January 21

As the nose to the grindstone vibe continues, you too will continue working hard to achieve your goals and ambitions. But, have you ever asked yourself why? Is it because you really need the money? Is it because you’re work-obsessed? Is it just because you can? This week, you may need to do a little soul-searching, especially if you’re doing what you’re doing to support your family. They also need your time, attention and love too. Indulge in a few pleasures at home with those you love most.


May 21 – June 20

You are redefining what it means to be busy right now. As new developments keep happening, it may feel overwhelming, anxiety-inducing and exciting! While biting off more than you can chew is possible, just take a moment – this is probably what you’ve been waiting for, for such a long time. The level of personal or professional success you’re experiencing right now is exactly what you’ve worked for! Take a moment to appreciate that and then get back to work!


September 21 – October 20

I recently read something online that was quite profound. “People pleasing is manipulating other people’s opinion of you.” It was a mic-drop moment! Libras are renowned for people-pleasing. It’s more a case of them preferring to keep the peace and avoid conflict – but at what cost? Creating a war within yourself? If you’re fed up from constantly factoring in other people’s desires and putting yourself second, or even last – then why not try putting yourself first for a change? It will be the profound moment you need too!


January 21 – February 20

You’d be forgiven if you forgot what it means to have fun. First the pandemic, then serious Saturn moved into your sign and then a long, cold, dark winter. You may even be beginning to forget what is means to shake a little salt on your life. Well, it’s time to add some spice, and they say that starts with embracing variety. Try something new that piques your curiosity this week. What starts now will likely set off a two-year cycle of fun, joy and happiness.


June 21 – July 20

With your professional and overall life direction sector lit up, you might be wondering exactly where you’re going right now. Are you where you want to be work-wise and in general? Are you feeling melancholic because you’re not where you hoped you’d be? Believe it or not, you’re in the midst of a new beginning. What seems to be slow, behind the scenes, or not gaining any traction actually is. You just need to believe in yourself a little more.


October 21 – November 20

Much of this week’s astro-action happens in the less obvious areas of your solar chart. As you’re not one to stand in the spotlight and demand accolades, you may actually prefer this. It will also be a sign that all the hard work behind the scenes, the effort and the toil of recent months are finally paying dividends. A breakthrough in a financial matter is possible, or you may come to a new realization of how you’ve been giving too much to something or someone. A new cycle awaits.


February 21 – March 20

You have a reputation for being dazed and confused sometimes. The fact is, you can make sense of the things that others try and apply logic, rather than feelings too. Funnily enough, when it comes to cash, you’re sharp as a tack! As a new 18-month money cycle begins, you might like to set yourself new goals to boost your income or savings. If you’re feeling flush, this is a great week to treat yourself to a little indulgence.


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