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Vote Hoffer for auditor

Dear Editor,

Doug Hoffer gets my vote for state Auditor in the Democratic primary and, I hope, in the general election. He has consistently done a good job for all of us. His efforts to hold our state’s “accountable care organization,” OneCare, accountable are laudable and necessary. But that job is not yet finished.

Few Vermonters know what OneCare is, and how deeply it affects Vermont healthcare. Any organization that has OneCare’s impact on something as important as the healthcare of Vermonters needs to be held accountable to the voters, and that requires the kind of transparency that Mr. Hoffer is diligently pursuing.

I have far greater faith in Hoffer to follow through on that job than I do in his opponent. Mid-stream is not the time to change auditors.

Lodiza LePore, Bennington

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  1. Doug Hoffer is a fantastic auditor for our state. Not only does he have the experience as an auditor, he also has a well-rounded resume that enables him to understand more the just the audit. In other words, who does this audit affect the most. He is not a tool of the administration or the legislature to simply say that this or that initiative is too expensive for the state. Hoffer’s auditing of the boondoggle of OneCare is an example of this.

    I’m voting for Doug Hoffer for state auditor.

  2. There would be no change midstream as Hoffer isn’t an auditor. He is a self-declared policy consultant that requires no license or specific education and the sole purpose of his being a policy consultant is to persuade the public on political and social opinions. And now, with no auditing experience or education or credentials, he is misusing the powerful tool of the Audit to mislead the Vermont public. Very dangerous and Vermont deserves better. Put an auditor in the State Auditor spot. Time for fresh eyes. Vote Linda Joy Sullivan. Stop having Rights and Democracy direct the auditor’s conclusions. Exact opposite of the purpose of an auditor, to be independent and objective.

  3. Would you go to a podiatrist if you needed heart surgery? Then why would you vote for a state auditor who is neither trained as a public auditor or doesn’t have certification to be one? The fact is Doug Hoffer is not a certified public auditor whereas Linda Joy Sullivan has been a nationally recognized CPA for 20 years and is one of the few women in the United States to own her own CPA. It’s time for fresh and unbiased eyes in the Vermont auditor’s office which is why I am voting for Linda Joy Sullivan. Go to her website to see why she is the clear and only choice for Vermont Auditor of Accounts.

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