Unfair business practice underway in Killington

Dear Editor,

I started paying personal property tax in 2007, about $300 that year. Now, in 2024 my personal property tax is almost $2,200. So out of curiosity, I went to the town office and made a few copies of the list of businesses who pay personal property tax in this town. Out of over 100 businesses that have equipment, advertise and do business in this town, only 80 businesses pay personal property tax.

My intention is not to call out these businesses who were not on the list specifically, but rather understand the big picture. In the short time that I looked over these records, I found over 25 businesses that do not pay anything and that are not on that list at all. Some of my good friends own some of these businesses, so this is not personal to me, but rather an example of things not being enforced correctly in this town.

For example, in 10 years, if a business has owed $10,000/year, that would be $100,000 in taxes not collected that could be used for our local community projects. Any business that has equipment in this town should pay their fair portion like I do and many other local businesses do.

I am estimating the town of Killington is not collecting between $15,000-$25,000 in taxes each year. This is money that stays here locally and would be used for things in this town.

Killington Resort is obviously the business who pays the most and some other small businesses can pay as little as $50. My point is that it does not only create an unfair business practice, but it also is proof that we are not running the town the way it needs to be run. How can we have a system in place where some pay and some do not. 

Everybody wants to advertise and do business in Killington, keep their equipment here, but they don’t want to pay for it? I sat down with the town manager and the listers six months ago and brought this to their attention. They promised to look into it. I then followed up at the Select Board meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 13. When I asked the town manager the status of my concern, instead of listening to my citizen’s concern, Selectman Jim Haff suggested the town audit me first. Does Killington want to be represented by someone like this? I would have thought they would have thanked me for bringing this to their attention! Instead I was attacked and in that moment realized this was the same behavior that was exhibited towards the people who came forth against the former fire chief.

I care about this community and the businesses that represent it. I would treat everybody equally  and promise to listen when concerns are brought forth to the Select Board. I might not agree with you all the time, but I do promise to listen and respect you, something that I believe is missing currently. I am humbly asking you for your vote on March 5.

Thank you.

Andrew Gieda,

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