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Understanding our abundance

By Cal Garrison, a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Capricorn Moon. The big news this week is that a bunch of planets are going retrograde, and a couple of them are changing signs. Here is the list:

Saturn goes retrograde on May 11, at the first degree of Aquarius, and will remain in that state until Sept. 29.

Mercury will enter Gemini, the sign that it rules, on the same day.

Venus turns retrograde on May 13 at the 21st degree of Gemini, and will stay in that mode until June 24.

Mars will enter Pisces, the sign of its “Fall” on the same day.

Jupiter goes retrograde on May 14 at the 27th degree of Capricorn, and will not resume its forward motion until Sept. 13.

Looking at of all of this, September appears to be significant. With Jupiter and Saturn going direct at that point, it looks like it will take close to four months for Saturn to help us restructure things that have gone totally awry, and for Jupiter to get us back on the ball when it comes to knowing what the truth involves. It’s like saying, before anything can resume in a balanced way, we have to screw our heads on straight enough to see what’s really going on. With more than a few heavy-hitting planets and asteroids making it hard to pull ourselves together, it’s good that Saturn and Jupiter are hauling back just enough to loan us a few months to figure out what’s what.

When Venus turns retrograde, it basically gives us a few weeks to examine what’s really at stake in our relationships. Re: our love life – that piece is always confusing. Why? Because love is not what we think it is. As much as we have been conditioned to believe that it has to look a certain way, and go a certain way, the standard prescription does not work for everyone. What you need from your love life and what I need from mine never looks the same. Under the rays of retrograde Venus it becomes important to restructure our relationships based on what works for us, as opposed to the stereotypical “Barbie and Ken” template for relating.

In addition to this, because Venus governs love and money, the need to look at our money issues and put all of that in perspective is huge right now. The belief that our money/wealth/abundance comes from outside of us is entrenched in all of us. This is a fear based concept; when the external source of supply disappears or dries up we automatically freak out, losing sight of the fact that even though the tide comes in, and the tide goes out, we are always swimming in a sea of abundance.

When Venus is retrograde we are called upon to remember that it is our connection to spirit that supports and sustains us. This means that no matter what conditions we encounter, or what state we find ourselves in, we know exactly what to do to take care of ourselves. Overriding the belief that abundance is externally generated, we erase the greed for security and open the space to tap into true wealth. A need to be open to this perspective is on the loudspeaker right now – do whatever it takes to embrace it.

On the day that Venus goes retrograde, Mars will change signs, moving from Aquarius to Pisces. Said to be in its “Fall” in this sign, we’d do well to look at what’s good about Mars in Pisces. If we take Mars to be about the way we express our energy and direct our actions, how do you suppose the warrior archetype will behave when it’s in the sign of the compassionate, healer, giver?

When Mars moves through Pisces, the macho-aggressive element that is intrinsic to this planet takes on a spiritual vibe, giving birth to “the Spiritual Warrior.” Think of Bruce Lee, think of Kung-Fu, or even Chuck Norris; there is no weakness here, not at all. Our actions and the way we direct our energy need to be infused with the highest spiritual motivations. It comes down to gathering our strength from within so that by the time Mars crosses the Aries Point on June 29, our fighting spirit will be fueled by directives from the Higher Self.

With Mercury on its way into Gemini, in and around all of the other zodiacal changes that are taking place, it looks to me like our heads will be clear and open enough to remain objective to it all. Why do I say this? Mercury governs our thought processes. It rules Gemini. The Gemini archetype makes it easier to wrap our minds around pretty much anything. Because we happen to be in the midst of a global reset, a.k.a. major wake-up call, we can take comfort in the fact that when it becomes necessary, we will be mentally willing, able, and flexible enough to step out of the box and awaken to whatever the truth requires of us.

Over the long haul? The upshot of all of this will roll out through the Fall, culminating at the Winter Solstice, when Jupiter and Saturn move into a conjunction at 0 degrees of Aquarius. Jupiter and Saturn conjunct each other every 20 years. The last time this aspect took place was in May of 2000, at the 22nd degree of Taurus.

Twenty-year cycles are important in the Tropical zodiac, and in the Mayan calendar as well. The nodes of the Moon return to the same position during that time frame. Pluto, the heaviest of the heavy duty generational planets takes approximately 20 years to move from one sign to another. A bunch of significant, interconnected evolutionary gears are tuned to phase lock and ratchet us up a notch in 20-year intervals.

Put simply, the changes that are building up right now are the end result of whatever time and experience have taught us since the millennium. If we were under the impression that the Age of Light would kick in back then, or at the 2012 Winter Solstice milestone, we were putting the cart before the horse, forgetting that changes of this magnitude take time.

The way I see it, the charges may have been set back then, but the fuses took two decades to spark up and bring the house down. I could be wrong but my sense is that the old paradigm, along with all of the darkness and ignorance that we associate with it, is on its knees, and will be gone for good, by Dec. 22, 2020. Let me leave you with that and invite you to take what you can from this week’s ‘scopes.

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  1. I’ve only recently discovered your celestial inspirations but I eagerly await them each week. They give me something deep and hopeful to chew on. Thank you.

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