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Turning points

By Cassandra Tyndall

The chance to do something twice, while frustrating, does offer the chance to do it better a second time around. When I was recently asked what score out of 10m I thought this Mercury retrograde would be like, I rated it as an 11.

Again, while frustrating, Mercury retrograde periods rarely bring terminal events. Mainly, they bring confusion, snafus and a lot of wasted time. That said, halfway through each retrograde cycle brings an immunity of sorts, through what is known as Cazimi – when Mercury joins the Sun. Thus, you may discover a solution to a problem or get the information you need to move forward. This isn’t to say that everything will be up to speed, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.
At the same time, the Sun enters tropical Libra, heralding the Fall Equinox and Mercury retrogrades back into Virgo. As these two bodies trade places, another step backwards may be required to move forward.

Under Sunday’s New Moon, give thought, not only to this week, but also the next three months. Turning points that happen now are quite significant. New information that arrives may determine which direction you opt to go in.

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