Mother's celestial inspirations

The truth matters most

By Cal Garrison a.k.a Mother of the Skye

This week’s horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Cancer Moon. With an array of aspects that are superficially benign, looking under the surface there are other, not so neat-and-tidy angles that could blow us away. Draping those configurations over what’s taking place on the world stage, the “As-Above-So-Below” axiom shows me that we are in the thick of a lot of cloak-and-dagger stuff that is coming out of hard aspects between the asteroid Diana in a T-Square to Uranus and Apollo. This is an interesting combination that lends itself to under-the-surface ruptures and repeated attempts to cover things up. This creates situations in which efforts to avoid detection obscure the truth, confound everyone’s perspective, and delay resolution.

As of this moment transiting Saturn is squaring Siva. That aspect has been hanging on, and will continue to maintain its hold over us, through the summer. If anything is a testimony to the state of the world, this aspect says it all. The textbook interpretation is “The destruction of the Father,” or “The Father Principle.” In its most basic form this comes down to the death of the old guard. It signals the tail end of the male paradigm, and the beginning of a new era once that which has outlived its purpose has been annihilated.

On the personal level, under these influences it becomes important to look the truth in the eye and confront the last thing we want to see. Not everyone can do this – but the deeper we are willing to go the better it will be. Underneath it all, half of who we are is hidden in darkness. Once we understand that all of it is light, penetrating the tougher mysteries ceases to be a fearsome thing – because the deeper we go, the darker it gets, and by law our inner light has to increase and grow brighter in order to find our way.

All of us, myself included, are going through the mill. There are no instructions when you’re in this space. It is an initiation in which the truth matters more than anything. Whatever that turns out to be holds the key to our redemption. Give that some thought, take it to heart, and enjoy this week’s ‘scopes.

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