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Trust your heart

By Cassandra Tyndall

So much about this astrological moment in time is about returning to the intelligence of the heart. Since antiquity, the heart was considered the mind and was the primary source of all knowing intelligence and infinite wisdom.
At some point on the timeline in the not too distant past, following one’s heart came to be considered foolish and reckless. The all knowing of the pulsating organ within you is the first area of your body reached for in times ecstatic joy, when it beats so furiously it feels as though it will explode right out of your body. It’s also the touch point of unimaginable grief. Literal heartache. I cannot recall a time I grabbed my skull in a situation other than worry, stress or anxiety. So why do we now consider the brain as our primary source of guidance and wisdom? Has it been manufactured this way to derail us from the deepest truth within us? How many times have you followed your logic when deep inside, you knew it was a lie? This week offers a rare and real opportunity to combine the wisdom of the heart and the intelligence of the mind. Trust your heart this week and make a choice.

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