To the rescue

Dear Editor,

On Saturday afternoon this past weekend, my cousin Alice, who lives here in Killington, wanted to show me and Dee, my friend, a beautiful sight on Thundering Brook Road and Kent Pond. It was a magnificent view on the frozen pond looking back on the mountains with cross country skiers enjoying a picture perfect day.

I had to turn around to go back, and while turning around on the road parallel with the pond, I mistakenly (being a flatlander) mistook a snowdrift to be a solid surface and immediately sunk my back tires. Since I was driving a 2015 Ford Expedition, I thought it wouldn’t be a problem but shortly found us in a 90 degree angle sideways blocking the road. I kept pressing the gas, turning the wheels for over a half hour, but no success. Finally, I called my husband. He and Dee’s husband appeared, but couldn’t move us. A fellow skiing on the pond came over and tried so hard to help us — Jamie. We’ll never forget him going back to the lodge and returning with his car. His genuine persistence, concern, real heroism. Then, a mother and daughter actually stayed until we got help. Now our concerned helpers were lining the road, parked and waiting.

I can’t tell you how impressed we were with the outpouring of concern we received from the people in the area either skiing or passing by. Everyone was genuinely concerned.

It was clear that we needed a real pro! One of our supporters said, “Call Killington Auto.” Matt showed up, tried an idea, worked with professional attitude and savvy — never a frown or bad grunt. Finally, he had to hook my cat to heavy power stuff, and, practically raising the car into the air, he swiveled it around and landed it safely. I wish I knew everyone’s name to thank them but unfortunately, Jamie and Matt are the only names we have.

So, in closing, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who made what could have been an extremely unpleasant experience, a heartwarming one. Just more more reason to love Killington.

Susan Whipple, Rhode Island

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