To Rose Kennedy: please drop the ridiculous charges against Mosher

Dear Editor,

It is very dismaying to see the charges State’s Attorney Rose Kennedy has filed against Craig Mosher. Kennedy, please drop these ridiculous charges. They are not only an undeserved and malicious attack on a very upstanding citizen, but an insult to every resident of this state. Others have covered, often eloquently, why Craig is the last person anyone should ever try to “make an example out of.” But even leaving that very important fact aside, the ramifications of charging an animal owner with a felony for escaped livestock or pet involved in an accident are far-reaching and seriously detrimental anyone in this state.

It is my understanding that Craig was in search of his bull at the time of the accident. Are we to punish an owner’s good faith effort, throwing the case in the same classification as a fatal DUI? Are we saying that an animal owner must only keep his animals securely tied inside a building (talk about animal cruelty)? That emergency services must be called every time an animal gets loose? That is not realistic and an expensive drain of time and energy on our emergency responders. Animals escape, and in my experience as a previous horse owner and current owner of dogs, a lot more often than we would like. Even with the best of efforts of their owners, animals can have a mind of their own. Typically tragic accidents like this don’t occur. Often because those owners, like Craig, are diligent about keeping fences in good repair and respond to loose animals not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because those animals are important to them.

These charges are a flat out slap in the face to not only Craig Mosher, but to every single farmer and pet owner in the state. If not dropped, they will have a very chilling effect on everything we cherish about life in this beautiful state. Do the right thing, and reconsider this folly.

Patty McGrath, Killington

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