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To broader horizons

By Cassandra Tyndall

Last week, I wrote of a subtle change in the weather, thanks to Mercury and Venus changing signs. In hindsight, I don’t think that was enough to shift the mood much from the lingering hangover that was Mars’s second square to Neptune. While that aspect is still in play, it will slowly fade into the background, as will the eclipse season.

If the past week was heavier than you anticipated, keep in mind this was the only Scorpio Sun / South Node eclipse we have in this 18-month cycle. Thus, the old wounds —emotional, energetic, physical and otherwise, were excavated from the deepest bowels of the psyche. The tiredness was the type that caffeine simply couldn’t touch. The process of catharsis is rarely pretty, though it’s often quite beautiful.

This week may reveal that beauty, thanks to a stunning Sun / Jupiter alignment. You may receive the gifts or blessings that were bereft last week. The Sun gallops into Sagittarius, plus a New Moon and ruler Jupiter, stations direct.

Even if you do still feel a little tender, reeling from the events that have been, casting your gaze upon broader horizons will ensure that they will become a distant blur in your rearview mirror.

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