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‘Til death do us part’

By Cal Garrison

This week’s horoscopes are coming out under the light of a void-of-course, Capricorn Moon. This week, I have done a bunch of readings for people who are wrestling with the age-old question of what to do about their relationships. As you can imagine, this topic comes up all the time.
We have been educated to view this area of our lives with rose colored glasses. The standard take on the subject is that we grow up and at a certain point in time, the perfect person comes along to make our life complete. We fall in love, get married, and stay together with our one and only, until death do us part. This belief is entrenched in the collective consciousness. All of us are convinced that it happens to everyone. If you stop to look around, that’s ridiculous, because it doesn’t happen that way — to anyone.
The model of what happened between us and our parents holds huge clues as to what our adult relationships will look like. The horoscope reveals everything about that, if you know what to look for. I have also noticed that people with Aries rising wind up alone at the end of the day. If they do find themselves in a relationship they have to be with someone who doesn’t need them and/or, with someone who loves the fact that they are so totally independent. To sum up it up: not all of us came here to mate.
Relationships have a life-span. Some last as long as it takes for them to brush shoulders at a cocktail party. Some are one-night-stands. Some last for a few weeks or months. Others can last for a few years, or go on for 10 or 15 years.
Sooner or later, these connections reach an impasse, or a point where staying together makes it impossible for each individual to be who they are. At these junctures, the “till death do us part” concept, and the belief in the one and only inevitably causes them to do their best to make it work. They spend a fortune on marriage counselors, without realizing that they have completed their Karma together and any attempt to make it work is counterproductive. Doing so interferes with their spiritual growth — not only that, it holds up the line — because another partner, with whom they have made a contract, is waiting in the wings to come in and teach them a little more about love, and about themselves.
If we hold on to the belief that we’re here to stick it out no matter what, one way or another we wind up killing each other, and we miss the lesson. I invite you to take what you can from this week’s ‘scopes.

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  1. Thanks for this. Have been feeling trapped by the Disney paradigm. Thought I was the only one who didn’t drink the Kool-Aid. Again.

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