Mother's celestial inspirations

There’s nothing wrong with you

By Cal Garrison a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a brand new, Aquarius moon, on the heels of the Midwinter Cross Quarter. Halfway between the Winter Solstice, and the Spring Equinox, we sit at a tipping point. Out here in the southwestern corner of the U.S. the birds are singing and it’s starting to feel like spring. From what I hear on the weather reports, the rest of the country is freezing and cold. Sitting here in this seasonal limbo, as I think about what might be fun to talk about, I have decided to focus on aspects that Siva and Siwa, form, to the sun and the moon, because lately, in all of my private sessions these connections have been showing up in one chart after another.

Siva and Siwa are two different asteroids that embody the same principle. In Far Eastern mythology these archetypes rule the forces of death and destruction. In regularly timed cycles they come along to destroy or annihilate anything that has outlived its purpose. We tend to view these energies as negative, or “bad,” when in reality they are part of the natural order of things here in the Third Dimension.

The sun sign is the core essence of our being. It rules the heart. The blood that flows through our veins is filled with the vibration that is embodied by the sign that the sun is in. In a natal chart, when Siva or Siwa form hard aspects to the sun, you know that the person is going to go through regularly timed meltdowns, or breakdowns, that totally alter their self-expression or sense of identity. On the surface these changes appear to be radical, or catastrophic – which they inevitably are—but it helps to remember that each time the individual sheds their skin, their new mode of expression allows them to embody something that is closer to a pure expression of their true and total self.

When it comes to the moon: the moon is the force that connects us to the past. As such it is like an umbilical cord that holds the cellular memory in place and tethers us, or keeps us grounded here in the third dimension. It is our connection to ‘Mother’, to ‘Home’, and to ‘the Family’. In this world, all of these things are what provide us with a sense of safety, stability, and security.

When natal Siva or Siwa form hard aspects to the moon, it is clear that the person did not get what they needed from their parents.

Around the time they hit puberty, these individuals start looking around at what other people are doing. They observe their neighbors, or they watch the people on TV, and in the movies, and from these observations they make decisions about what they need to do to go out into the world and create a life for themselves. What happens sooner or later, is that the play that they have written comes to an end. The set gets torn down, the actors walk off the set, and the theater is emptied for a period of time.

During that time the individual with the Siva/Siwa-moon aspects feels totally lost and disoriented—until they fabricate a new play, build a new stage, fill it with a new set of props and people, and a new sense of what it will take to feel safe in the world. Over the years this pattern goes on and on.

The good news is, I am fully aware of it, and I know that the next incarnation of myself will bring me closer to the truth of who I am, and closer to an understanding of my purpose for living.  I thank Martha Lang-Wescott whose writings have turned me on to these.

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